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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:20

Kotera Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

Shaping your dream pipes

Our company manufactures and sells metal pipes and provides metalworking. Having specialized in coil winding and 3D bending, we perform integrated production of these processes along with the associated processes (pipe making, welding, surface treatment, and leak inspection, etc.). When given a drawing sheet, we will deal with everything from material procurement to production and deliver in a finished form.

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Sales Pitch

We will cover everything from material procurement to production, based on a single drawing sheet
Our specialty: Secondary processing of small-diameter thin-wall pipes
•Company strengths
Our company supplies various industries. Although the pipes are mostly used for heat exchangers in various industrial machinery in the beverage, fuel cell, healthcare industries, there is a wide variety of other applications. Processing on small-diameter thin-wall pipes is quite challenging as we need to watch out for warps and wrinkles. In the past manufacturing projects, we need to put particular emphasis on the secondary processing on the small-diameter thin-wall pipes. 

•Business description
Since its founding, our company has engaged in the secondary processing of small-diameter thin-wall metal pipes that are mostly made of stainless steel. We handle the entire production, including pipe making, bending, coil winding, edge press working, and welding. By conducting welding and acid cleaning in-house in addition to pipe fabrication, we can deliver the parts as sub-assembly components. We are particularly good at handling the works of Φ4 to 30 in outer diameter, having 0.3 to 2.0t in the plate thickness.

• Product and Technology Strengths
Our company is specialized in processing long pipes. We perform secondary processing as well as pipe making in-house. While the long pipes are usually made of multiple regular pipes (mostly four to five meters), we can make a long pipe by using a single pipe without joining because of this internal pipe making process. So far, we have made a 36-meter-long pipe without any joints. We can, of course, conduct 2D and 3D bending, according to your request.
Plastic working and incidental processing of thin pipes
Our company performs plastic working and the associated processing of thin-wall pipes through the internal pipe making process (Φ6 to 25.4), utilizing 52 years of experience since our establishment. We will not only provide the finished product based on the given drawings but also create the product you want by listening to customer feedback when making proposals.

•Product advantages
We can meet a wide range of needs in the short term because of our specialties — pipe coil winding, 3D bending, and associated processing. We will also handle small lot production, trial production, and mass production. Besides, surface treatment and acid cleaning are also available for beverage and medical equipment applications, which can be arranged flexibly for your intended use.

•Past deliveries
Pipes for fuel cell-related equipment; heat exchange pipes for healthcare equipment; heat exchanger for food and drink-related application; secondary heat exchange pipe for water heaters

•Possible uses
Our company is good at processing small-diameter thin-wall stainless pipes, which can be applied to industries that use precision pipes, such as beverage, medical equipment, and semiconductor fields.
Equipment for the integrated production system
•Pipe making equipment
Our company makes pipes in-house. The internal production and collaboration allow us to manufacture long jointless pipes up to around 40 meters. The fabrication size can be anywhere between Φ6 to 25.4 (nine types).

•Bending and coil winding equipment
-For bending:
By combining a semi-automatic bender with a manual bender, we can deal with long pipes and irregular bending.

-For coil winding
Our unique equipment enables clean winding without crashing the pipe. With the combination of in-house pipe making, coil winding can be as long as 30 to 40 meters without any joints. With joints, it can be extended further limitlessly. Coil winding is possible as long as the diameter is within the Φ1 to 30 range (otherwise, please consult us).
•Terminal processing equipment
The equipment has dealt with up to Φ45 so far. The introduction of a new press machine (six punches) allowed complex terminal processing. 

•Automatic terminal processing equipment (three punches)
It can handle pipes of up to Φ22. The equipment has a slip detection sensor to automate terminal processing.

•Air clutch press machines
The press machine has a capacity of 30t. Currently, two units are operating. Please contact us for details about the dies and processing capacity. 

•Air clutch press machines
The press machine has a capacity of 25t. Please contact us for details about the dies and processing capacity. 
Establishing a framework for overseas expansion
Establishing a framework for sales channel development and overseas expansion
Although small in scale, our company set up a development department three years ago and a dedicated department that meets various needs to make better proposals on shapes and other matters. While we currently respond from the Osaka head office to everywhere in Japan, we will need to set up a framework to support overseas expansion. We are adding staffing in the sales department and making arrangements so that we can meet needs more speedily and carefully.

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