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Miyajima Co., Ltd.

We manufacture products by forging if machining is wasteful.

Our main business is upset forging, in which parts are formed by heating the tips or middles of round metal bars. Upset forging saves material cost and processing time compared with machining. The product strength also becomes high because of continuous metal flow. Our patented Miyajima-type valve rod forging method uses combinations of general-purpose molds prepared in advance. This method has enabled production from small lots at minimum mold cost. We possess several board drop hammers, which are rarely seen today, and can forge metal materials up to 3,400 L in length.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Give forging a try for manufacturing your product. You may think that forging has high costs or that molds are expensive. You may want to manufacture experimental products, or you may be wondering if something can be manufactured by forging. Our company specializes in manufacturing shafts by upset forging. We use the Miyajima-type valve rod forging method, in which standard molds are combined for forging. This method reduces the mold cost to zero, or less than the usual mold forging with partial creation, regardless of the lot size. We have an integrated production system from material procurement to thermal treatment, and we also meet customer needs for partial machining by applying our technology for creating in-house molds.

[Business description]
It is estimated that there are about 350 forging manufacturers in Japan, and there are many kinds of forged products. Our company specializes in shafts to improve production efficiency and reduce cost and turnaround. We have 12 units of equipment for shaft production in our factory. We manufacture forged products with various shaft shapes at no mold cost (although there are some exceptions) by combining more than 1,000 kinds of general-purpose molds. We provide quick handling from material procurement to thermal treatment, including some machining at the customer’s request.
Note: Upset forging is a forging method that involves swaging part of a shaft and partially increasing the diameter of the shaft. For details, visit our website: http: //
[Forgeable dimensions]
Material diameter: 20 to 150.
Maximum flange diameter: 300.
Material length: 3400.
Materials: Various kinds, such as SUS, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and superalloy.
Lots: Single articles to 10,000 or more (reference: cost advantage for 300 kg or more).

Manufacturing (hot upset forging and thermal treatment of various metals)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company possesses several board drop hammers, which are rarely seen today, and nearly unparalleled forging technology capable of handing materials as long as up to 3,400 L. We mainly manufacture valve rods for large valves as well as anchor bolts. You may want to manufacture mono-block products but cannot avoid welding. Feel free to consult us if you are manufacturing products from round bars by means of machining. We can handle any kind of materials that can be forged. We satisfy needs for small-lot production and quick turnarounds.

[Representative's message]
I am Seiichiro Miyajima, and I am the president of this company. It is estimated that there are about 350 hot forging manufacturers in Japan. We are one of those companies, but we are specialized in upset forging of shafts. We take on Monozukuri craftsmanship based on our motto "Simple is Best" by making use of the ISO structure. We hope you will consider the material-saving and cost-reduction advantages of applying forging to the manufacture of flanged shafts.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company specializes in shaft forging, but we can manufacture products in small lots, and even single articles. We deliver forged shafts to various enterprises in various fields, including major companies. We are also proactive about IT investments. Our company has implemented secure traceability and standardization and gained deep trust from customers.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the No. 1 share (about 80%) of the Japanese market for valve rods for waterworks valves.

[Awards and media coverage]
Shiga Prefecture Advanced IT Handler Domain Expert Award (Quality Assurance Division) (2015); 100 Vibrant Monozukuri Companies in Kansai, 2009 (2009); Shiga Labour Standards Association, Safety & Health Activity Award (2009); No Accident Record, Bronze Award (Class 3) (2007); Kansai IT Company Selection, Excellence Prize (2005).

Biwako Broadcasting, "Shiga Economy Now" (April 28, 2012); ABC Radio, "Kei Tani's Just for You" (April 9, 2012); EMIDAS Magazine, "Person Who Takes On Challenges" (Vol. 26); EMIDAS Magazine, feature (Vol. 9).

ISO 9001 (certificate and registration no. 00-193), EcoAction 21 (certificate and registration no. 0001386), classification by Nihon Kaiji Kyokai (forging).

[Joint research and development]
Development of a unique forging method with major machine tool manufacturer, etc.

[Transaction terms]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We supply shafts to customers in various fields, such as valves, construction machines, automobiles, agricultural machines, rolling stock, machine tools, bolts, medical machines, printing machines, textile machines, steel making, and ships.Major customers (in random order): Komatsu, Caterpillar Japan, Kobelco Construction Machinery, Inoue Special Steel, Okubo Gear, Tokai Rubber Industries, Shimizu Alloy Mfg., Kubota, Kurimoto, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Okuma, NSS, Mori Seiki, Yamazaki MAZAK, and Daiwa Gear Manufacturing. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]

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