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Latest update: 12/04/2018 18:54:02

Maezawa Mold Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and sell various plastic molding dies and molded parts.

We make use of the high-precision die production and molding technologies that we gained from producing precision eyeglass parts. We can make original products in fields other than eyeglasses, including stationery, accessories, and interior decoration, by collaborating with the customers and designers. Our precision processing know-how also makes it possible for us to make fine prototypes with 3D printers, and pursue ideal color tone as well as an efficient mass-production line. We can make better dies, and then use them to manufacture actual molded parts. 

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[Company strength]
We have applied the high-precision die manufacturing and molding technologies we acquired from precision eyeglass part production to other fields, such as stationery and accessories. This strength also enables us to make original products by collaborating with customers and designers. Our precision processing know-how is also useful in making prototypes with 3D printers. We can make better dies, and mass-produce the actual molded parts in-house. 

[Business description]
Our company is a die molding manufacturer that possesses advanced die manufacturing and molding technologies derived from precision part production for eyeglasses. Our technology has evolved as we have introduced state-of-the-art equipment, which enables us to make special complicated moldings and offer technology in industry-academia-government collaboration. We manage all manufacturing processes from making mass-production dies to molding mass production, so we can detect defects early on, and flexibly design and arrange mass production. 

Plastic molding die design and manufacturing; molded part manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have been nurturing high-precision die manufacturing and molding technologies through eyeglass precision part production for 36 years since our establishment in December 1979. We conduct integrated management of all manufacturing processes from prototype making with a 3D printer to die manufacturing and molding parts production, so we can flexibly respond to your needs.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been in the high-precision processing field as a reliable manufacturer since its establishment in 1979. We have always pursued high-precision processing technology to constantly capture the changing needs of the industry. Our main business is currently high-precision parts for eyeglasses. I hope to make proposals on how our technology can be utilized in various other fields by making use of the technologies we have nurtured. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We enhanced our processing technology through the use of a 3D printer as an internal reinforcement initiative to add to our proven high-precision die molding technology. This technology has allowed us to make more sophisticated prototypes than before, and to conduct a wider range of manufacturing processes, including the production of actual molded parts.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our company can produce high-precision dies and moldings in an integrated manner. It is difficult to make comparisons with other companies. 

[Awards and media coverage]

Nikkei newspaper electronic version, on the development of eyeglasses that prevent face recognition or appearing in someone else’s photo (August 5, 2015); Asahi Broadcasting, “Cast” TV show, on whether privacy can be protected and the frontline of wearable computers (June 3, 2014); Nikkan Kenmin Fukui newspaper, on eyeglasses that prevent the misuse of facial recognition with photos posted on SNS, which was a result of R&D conducted in Sabae City (front page, June 3, 2014); Fukui Prefectural Federations of Small Business Associations, our product was featured in as a good example of subsidies for manufacturers (2012/2013); Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our company was mentioned as a good example of subsidies for SMEs. 

[Joint research and development]
Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University: Joint research with the Materials Development Engineering Department on consignment research concerning magnesium alloy eyeglasses. National Institute of Informatics: Joint research with the Contents Science Research Department (Professor Isao Echizen) on eyeglasses that prevent the face recognition function of cameras to protect privacy. 

[Factory (domestic)]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We will make proposals for major companies after this registration in J-GoodTech with regard to how our high-precision die and molding technologies can be useful for their operations. 

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Hokuriku Head Office, SMRJ

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