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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:53

Nihon FRP Corporation

Aiming for optimal FRP products.

We are a processing manufacturer of foam and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) products. We manufacture our products in our own factory with thorough quality control based on detailed discussions to meet customer needs. We are licensed as a construction company, so we can offer integrated handling of all processes from sales to manufacturing and installation.

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Our company's strengths
Our company has the following three strengths.
(1) We specialize in FRP material. FRP is a dream material because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, insulation properties, and durability. However, it also has excellent plasticity, so anything can be made to order.
(2) We are a small company, but we have a design and development system and the technological capabilities that allow us to develop our own products. In addition, we have a factory and a construction license, so we are able to provide integrated processing to meet your needs, from specification discussions to design, production, and installation.
(3) We have established a network with the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, the Public Works Research Institute, university research institutions, and major construction consultants to match the seeds of our company with the needs of the market.
Business contents
Our company was established in 1987. We are a Monozukuri craftsmanship company that designs and manufactures various components and products using FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) as a material.
The representative products of our Monozukuri craftsmanship include FRP gratings (grid-pattern products such as lids for gutters and so on) and FRP structures (FRP watertight doors, FRP sluice gates, FRP bridges, and so on), which we manufacture based on the specifications requested by our customers.
Introduction of our products
Floating watertight doors
Protects the safety of subways, basements, underground parking lots, and intelligent buildings 24 hours a day.

Setting watertight doors
Can be easily transported and installed by hand! Protects the safety of apartment building entrances, elevator halls, and so on.

Grating products
FRP gratings have excellent corrosion resistance. Their potential far surpasses that of steel and aluminum.

Ever Gates
FRP is the best material for making hydraulic gates that meet all the performance requirements for hydraulic gates in harsh environments. It can also be used for large sizes.

Pultrusion molded products
These products are produced using a continuous pultrusion molding system, which enables free molding of long items and a free choice of colors. These products can be used for a variety of purposes, such as flooring materials, posts, and scaffolding boards.

Structures and molded products
We produce patrol routes and stairways from FRP materials, which do not rust or rot, so they can be safely used in coastal areas.

Ever Plates
These products are made of FRP, so they do not corrode and have insulation properties. They can be used as flooring material and coverings for indoor and outdoor areas.
Strengths of our products and technologies
FRP hydraulic gates are one of the self-developed products we have been focusing on in recent years. These products are lightweight (one-quarter the specific gravity of steel and stainless steel) and corrosion resistant (they can withstand corrosive environments such as salt damage), while making it possible to reduce the size of heavy machinery during construction, which increases the efficiency of work and installation. In addition, since our Nezunoban ("sleepless lookout") FRP protection door is automatically operated by the buoyancy of water, it is not affected by power outages, electricity leakage, and so on during a disaster. Of course, since it is made of FRP, it will not corrode, so it can be used semi-permanently.
Message from the CEO
Our company is a small business in terms of the number of employees, but with FRP as our life partner, we have set up F (faith), R (responsibility), and P (progress) as our management principles. With our motto of faithful service to our customers, we fulfill our responsibility of our company’s survival for the future and make progress with the spirit of always moving forward. We will contribute to society as much as possible by delivering our unique dream materials as various products to a wide range of fields for use. We will appreciate your attention.
Company structure for developing sales channels and overseas expansion
For domestic Japanese sales, we sell our products through distributors throughout Japan. Although it is small-scale, we have also set up our own sales system with a Kumamoto Sales Office (in charge of Kyushu), Osaka Sales Office (in charge of the Kinki region and west of Kinki), and Tokyo Sales Office (in charge of the Chubu region and east of Chubu), and we are working to expand sales. In addition, we became a member of the NAC Group in April 2015, and these sales capabilities are also becoming a major strength.
Market share and rank
Including our company, there are only two manufacturers in Japan that produce FRP hydraulic gates.
Track record of joint research and development
We have conducted joint research with the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University on a demonstration of the Nizunoban FRP watertight door, with Osaka University on wheel load tests, and with Osaka University and Iwate University on the development of FRP lining plates. In addition, we participated in the subcommittee that prepared the draft "Guidelines for Design and Construction of FRP Hydraulic Gates" published by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers in 2014, and incorporated our findings into the document.

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