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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:04

Matsumura Mold & Pattern Co., Ltd.

We are a global company in aluminum casting industry

Our company works on metal dies and high-precision die casting parts used in automobile and motorcycle engines and transmissions. We provide support from the trial development phase, and supply the products to automobile manufacturers. We can cover all production phases from casting method design and die design to die manufacturing, trial casting, material inspection, molding inspection, and mass production. In 2009 we established a new casting method of laminar flow die casting, in which casting defects occurs less often. We manufacture and supply ultra-high-precision parts (sleeves) for solenoid valves for automobile CVTs. These are important components that affect the performance of solenoid valves. We have a 15% share of the world market for these parts.

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Aluminum casting technology, aluminum casting molds, casting dies, aluminum cast parts, sand molds, cores
Our company manufactures low-pressure and other kinds of casting dies for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. We have established a casting production system and quality assurance technology for trial casting products. Our production system integrates all processes from method design, die design, and die production to prototyping and inspection.

1. High quality proven by automobile manufacturers
Our company realizes an assurance method and quality management suitable for each customer and delivers molds to automobile manufacturing factories. The high quality available only from our company is highly evaluated among customers. We can make use of the casting die technology we have accumulated to provide requested molds. This applies to new customers as well as to our conventional customers who have continued to do business with us for many years.

2. Wide-ranging support mainly based on casting technology
Our company covers a wide range of casting technology with knowhow acquired from trial low-pressure casting to mass-production die casting. We can support mold manufacturing, and also casting technology according to customer needs.

3. Support by extensively experienced engineers
There are many complaints about the shortage of engineers for method consideration, die design, process maintenance, and production preparation. Our experienced engineers support customers at every process.

4. Provision of molds satisfying local needs even from overseas factories
Our company designs and supplies molds adapted to customers' casting machines in Japan and abroad. Our overseas factory has a track record of manufacturing molds by visiting local factories in China, the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan as required. This is why we are highly trusted by overseas customers.
Our company manufactures ultra-high-precision parts (sleeves) that affect the performance of solenoid valves in continuously variable transmission (CVT).

1. Proposals for integrated production from molds to products
Our company provides total support including molding, casting, thermal treatment, precision machining, and surface treatment for automobile parts. We propose perfectly integrated production plans necessary for this purpose.
2. In-house design and manufacturing from molds
Excellent parts are born only from excellent molds. Our company is a mold manufacturer with a track record of manufacturing by unique aluminum castings. We make use of the casting technology we have built up over many years to stably mass-produce highly airtight parts from molds.
3. Reliable analytical power and micro-precision machining and measuring technology
Recent advances in automobile fuel consumption are increasing the demand for high air tightness and high accuracy. Our company makes use of the latest analysis, machining, and measuring equipment to always maintain quality that satisfies customers.
4. Taking on the challenge of new production technology
Our company succeeded in manufacturing parts using eight-cavity instead of four-cavity molds. We will improve our production technology and implement the latest casting equipment to proceed with R&D of a new process for 16-cavity molding. 
5. Quality management for zero process faults
Millions of automotive parts are manufactured annually. However, we are aiming for zero process faults for customer comfort and satisfaction. Our company has a complete quality management system to prevent defective products from going out of the factory. This is done by using an automatic inspection system and the latest inspection equipment, as well as by strictly checking the volume of inspection.
Our company implemented a machine for making inorganic cores.
This machine has enabled prototyping by inorganic core making as well as the conventional shell-mold core making.

<Advantages of inorganic core making>         
1. Inorganic core making greatly reduces gas and odor emissions. This technology is environmentally friendly because it enables molding that is almost free of organic condensates.
2. Products can be cast with few gas faults or defects.

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