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Kousokuya, Inc.

We provide information services based on the future age of Big Data and the IoT.

We are developing our business with a focus on technological assistance, high-speed data processing consultation, providing software products, and licensing intellectual property rights (patents). Our goal is to expand our technological assistance for high-speed data processing by providing high-speed data processing technology (patented) to customers who are working to utilize Big Data. We have confidence in our technology power. We have acquired 68 patents in Japan and overseas. We plan to accelerate our technology assistance business in the future age of Big Data and the IoT by establishing the world’s fastest real-time data processing technology.

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Sales Pitch

Data mining and machine learning support services
Are you truly making use of such a large volume of data?
Our company’s data mining and machine learning helps customers make use of time-series data for work. Time-series data is applicable to various purposes, such as equipment abnormality detection and fault prediction. A series of data analysis steps are extremely important for high-precision detection and prediction. The purpose is to capture data features, relationships, changes and necessities properly, select appropriate techniques of meeting aims, and build up effective algorithms (models). We provide customers with knowledge of large-volume data and high-speed processing technology proven by experience in developing completely original column-type high-speed databases to support efforts for efficient data analysis.
Broad-based analysis support making use of a wealth of experience in development in large-volume data processing
We are expected to optimize systems and improve their efficiency with a general view from device to edge and with the cloud in mind for data utilization accompanying the IoT. We have been developing various systems for processing large volumes of data at high speed, ranging from built-in to server-side systems. We make use of our experience to support customers from the perspectives of both model buildup by time-series data analysis and system construction by implementing (mounting) built-up models in operation.
Our company satisfies these needs
・Raising data analysis accuracy and work efficiency
・Building up an analysis environment with high cost performance
・Needing ideas about data utilization methods
・Needing help because of a lack of experience in data analysis
・Cultivating data scientists within the company
・Developing a high-speed processing system for large-volume data
Preventive maintenance with built-in AI
Detection of abnormal equipment vibration
Our company has developed e-AI (*) to judge motor deterioration and abnormality judgment by installing vibration sensors in belt conveyors. Our e-AI judges the deterioration status and predicts faults. This enables preventive maintenance.
*Renesas Electronics Corporation: Smart Factory realized by e-AI and industrial e-AI solutions accelerating real-time operation and safety
[Renesas DevCon Japan 2017]
[R-IN Consortium: Example of customer support]
Kousoku Kikan6: Fast, light in-memory SQL engine promoting the high-level use of a large volume of data
What is Kousoku Kikan®?
In-memory SQL engine operating on a general-purpose server or PC: High-speed data processing based on unique software technology solves issues such as high hardware cost and low processing speed in large-volume data analysis, which are bottlenecks in existing performance.
Features of Kousoku Kikan®
SQL/procedure execution engine based on unique in-memory technology: SQL/procedures are executed at high speed by in-memory technology specializing in large-volume data analysis. The API (ODBC/JDBC) enables implementation in a unique system or application 

High-speed data loading: High-speed registration (loading) in a database greatly reduces additional registration, reversal entry, and any other batch processing time.

High-performance multi-query: One CPU core per query for high-speed execution to realize high throughput with multi-query processing.

High-speed character string middle-match search: Character string middle-match searches, which databases are poor at, are executed at high speed without impairing high loading speed.

Compact encoding table: Dictionary and ID tables make the table size more compact than the original data.

For more information:
High-speed CSV analysis tool for immediately extracting desired data
What is Kaiseki Booster®?
This is a high-speed CSV analysis tool that enables processing and aggregation of a large volume of CSV files directly without converting them into a database. This tool can immediately extract desired data.
Features of Kaiseki Booster®
Direct processing of CSV files by SQL+Procedure:
Flexible processing can be described using a high-speed processing system.

High-speed processing of large-volume data:
Our unique high-speed tree algorithm (patented) and asynchronous I/O enable high-speed data processing by making full use of the storage band. 

Saving memory:
Splitting and merging temporary files saves memory.

Practically limitless input file size:*
Terabyte or greater input data files can be specified and processed with practically no limit.

For more information:

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We supply our high-speed data processing technology (patented) to customers who are promoting the introduction of Big Data. Our technology can achieve high-speed processing and low costs that cannot be attained by other technology. We provide solutions for problems such as cost and labor that may impede the use of Big Data.

[Business description]
We offer technological assistance and consultation for high-speed data processing. We provide the Kousoku-Kikan and Kaiseki-Booster software products (registered trademarks). We also license intellectual property rights (patents).

Information services

[Strength of products/technologies]
We supply our high-speed data processing technology (patented) to customers who are promoting the introduction of Big Data. Our technology can achieve high-speed processing and low costs that cannot be attained by other technology. We provide solutions for problems such as cost and labor that may impede the use of Big Data.

[Representative's message]
We have recently been conducting promotional activities including participation in seminar lectures three to four times per year, and exhibitions at events two to three times per year. We are promoting market cultivation in the area of product sales by making use of an agency business. We promote technological collaboration in technological assistance to find solutions and add value for the main products and services of major companies, and we are establishing a stable business base. We hope to establish the world’s fastest real-time data processing technology for the age of Big Data and the IoT, and to expand our business of providing our original technology.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our president and vice president conduct what is called “top sales” in our technology sales to major domestic Japanese companies, and seek to advance our technological partnerships. A core group of staff members (four to five) will provide support for a project during the R&D stage. We will support medium-scale and large-scale projects in cooperation with our affiliated companies during the mass production phase. We have not yet established a system for overseas expansion, but we assume that our products and technology are being indirectly delivered to overseas companies through the Japanese companies we cooperate with.

[Market share/Ranking]
We do not have exact information on our share and ranking because our products have just been put onto the market.

[Awards and media coverage]
The First JPSA Alliance Grand Award, Encouragement Prize (June, 2004)

Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, “The introduction cost of Big Data analysis support is reduced to one-tenth” (January 9, 2015, p. 6); Big Data Magazine, interview, “Big Data can be analyzed with high speed by using only one general-purpose server!”

[Joint research and development]
Denso: Development of integrated management database for map data (2008–2009); high-speed route-finding corresponding to the dynamic cost (2010). 
Chuo University: Common benchmark for high-speed route-finding technology (2010).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Denso (technical assistance and consignment development of car navigation technology, since 2004); Alpine (sales management system consignment development and database provision, since 2009); database provision to other user companies; many SI partners.

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