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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:23:05

Impact World Co., Ltd.

We aim to be an “Earth Doctor” using our own plasma and catalyst fusion technology.

We develop and design environment-related devices using our PACT plasma-and-catalyst fusion technology. We specialize in the development of PACT products and have commercialized high-performance deodorization equipment and a VOC cracker composed of Airtech Japan’s devices and PACT devices. Our deodorization equipment and VOC cracker are used in the experimental animal laboratories of Yamagata University and for sterilization gas decomposition by Terumo, respectively. Currently we are jointly developing our next new product, a ductless VOC cracker. Aiming to be an “Earth Doctor,” we are dedicated to developing PACT products that can solve environmental and health problems on Earth.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
The basic patent for PACT, which was invented by President Hayashi while working at Fujitsu, was granted in 1995 and then registered in Japan. The patent has now lost its validity. Later we applied for various applied patents, and currently have the patents shown below in the intellectual property section. The principle and related reactions have been studied through joint research with universities and public organizations, and 20 or more papers have been published.

[Business description]
We combined the effects of plasma excitation and catalytic activity in space and time to develop the chemical reactor PACT, and set up a company dedicated to research and development to evolve the technology. Standing for “plasma assisted catalytic technology,” PACT is a technology that uses both plasma and catalyst. Using this principle, we have developed a variety of PACT devices and are developing and designing devices for various purposes such as decomposition, modification, and synthesis reactions. We sell these devices for applications including environmental improvement such as deodorization, decomposition, and synthesis.

Development and design of environment-related equipment through the fusion of plasma and catalyst technology

[Strength of products/technologies]
We supplied the PACT device to a licensed manufacturer to commercialize the following products and started to sell them:
1) High-performance deodorization equipment
2) VOC cracker
Both of these were commercialized as a new product with a PACT device mounted on equipment produced by Airtech Japan, a company listed on the first section of the stock exchange. The deodorization equipment was supplied to TN University for use in an experimental animal laboratory. The VOC cracker is used for sterilization gas decomposition at TE medical company.

[Representative's message]
Our motto is “Aiming to be an Earth Doctor!” The inventor of the PACT device set up his own company, which specializes in developing PACT products designed to solve various environment- and health-related problems that occur on Spaceship Earth. We developed equipment that can be sold overseas and started to sell it worldwide as our major product. The use or discharge of hazardous gases is unavoidable with the progress of industry, and solutions to such substances are urgently required. There is also an urgent need to cope with or prevent viruses and pandemics such as SARS, dengue fever, and infections in hospitals. We intend to develop equipment that can solve these problems using PACT technology and aim to be an Earth Doctor.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We specialize in R&D and use selected outsourcers and sellers. When a sales agent has its own overseas sales channels, we sell our products overseas using that network. We have translated product brochures for our high-performance deodorization equipment and VOC cracker into Chinese, Korean, and English, which are now being distributed through the agents’ channels. In China, we are meeting local sales staff this week. In South Korea, we started remodeling a prototype machine for display. In English-speaking areas, we will have negotiations at a meeting in Bangkok this month.

[Market share/Ranking]
We just started selling (1) and (2), so market share is unknown, but at present there are no competitor models.

[Awards and media coverage]
(1) Welfare and Medical Award of the Ota City SME New Products and Technologies Contest (2011)
(2) Encouraging Award, the Resona Foundation for SME Promotion Excellent New Technology and New Product Commendation (2011)
(3) Mitsubishi-UFJ Technology Development Foundation R&D Subsidized Item

(1) Four reports by Nikkan Kogyou Shimbun, etc.
(2) One by Kanagawa Newspaper
(3) Tokyo TV “Trend Tamago”

Registered items are shown on the left.

[Joint research and development]
(1) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
(2) National Institute for Materials Science
(3) Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology
(4) Azabu University
(5) Idea Consultants
(6) Nagasaki University
(7) University of Connecticut

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
(1) Idea Consultants, Inc., (2) Ebara Jitsugyo Co., Ltd., (3) Terumo Corp., (4) Airtech Japan, Ltd., (5) Japan Tobacco Inc., (6) SoftBank Group Corp., etc.

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