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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:11

Fuji Diecast Co., Ltd.

Supply of various aluminum and zinc die-cast functional parts

We manufacture and sell aluminum and zinc die-cast parts. Regarding die-cast parts including thin mirror surface casting of automobile lamps having excellent heat resistance and vibration resistance, we have carried out research and development through mass production of LED light related heat sinks (radiator), door mirror related parts, wiper related parts and the like, the demand for which is increasing. We have established “technology for designing molds for thin products” through out technical abilities and CAE flow analysis that we have developed over many years. As a result we have been able to trade with automotive parts manufacturers in and out of the country, such as Ichikoh Industries, Faltec, Sumitomo Wiring Systems and Valeo.


Sales Pitch

Quick action under an integrated in-house system from planning to design and production
[Representative's message]
To be an always-growing company, we will expand our business by (1) cultivating human resources, (2) reducing costs by implementing new technology, (3) strengthening sales activities, and (4) implementing new equipment.
[Company strengths]
In the field of die-cast parts our company manufactures automotive lamps with excellent heat resistance and vibration resistance by thin-wall mirror casting. We excel at R&D of LED lighting-related heat sinks, the demand for which has been growing, including door mirror-related parts and wiper-related parts. We also excel at joint development from trial manufacturing to mass production. Our company has realized excellent QCD in R&D and prototyping by promoting "Cost Half and Weight Half." This is why we are very highly evaluated by customers.
[Product and technical strengths]
Our company has established mold design technology for thin-wall products by making use of the technical capabilities we have cultivated for many years and by conducting CAE fluid analysis. We have been developing products with excellent heat dissipation by participating from the R&D stage. We also possess established technology for forming narrow-pitch and high-fin heat-dissipation parts This technology has improved the heat-dissipation performance of our products by increasing the thermal conductivity and surface areas of the products themselves. We also succeeded in promoting rationality and efficiency by integrating other parts coupled with heat-dissipation parts.
[In-house system for market cultivation and overseas expansion]
Two staff members in our sales planning section are currently in charge of domestic sales activities in Japan. We will expand our workforce to four by around 2018. In particular, we will secure and educate human resources having technical capabilities like sales engineers. Our company now has only one English-speaking employee for overseas sales activities, but we are considering adding another. We are considering establishing a system for global distribution and foreign exchange fluctuation and for building up expertise in English.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
With respect to our die-cast products, including thin mirror surface casting of automobile lamps having excellent heat resistance and vibration resistance, we excel at, research and development, and joint development of trial manufacturing through mass production of LED light related heat sinks (radiator), door mirror related parts, wiper related parts and the like, the demand for which is recently increasing. In addition, our R&D and Trial Manufacturing Departments work on “half cost, half weight”, and achieved excellent correspondence with “QCD”, thereby being very highly rated by each of our customers. 

[Business description]
Manufacture and sales of aluminum and zinc die-cast parts – We manufacture a wide variety of functional parts and mechanism parts from thin casted products through to thick casted products, such as automobile related parts, electric machine related parts and industrial equipment related parts by our in-house system which integrates casting, machining, surface treatment, assembly and other steps. 

An aluminum and zinc die-cast parts manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company has established “technology for designing molds for thin products” through our technical abilities and CAE flow analysis that we developed over many years. In addition, we have participated in developing heat dissipation parts from the R&D stage, and have been involved in developing products with excellent heat dissipation. We have established a technology for forming heat dissipation parts with a narrow pitch and high fin number, which improves thermal conductivity in the product itself and increases surface area, thereby enhancing heat dissipation. In addition, we succeeded  in improving efficiency by integrating the heat dissipation parts with other parts bonded thereto. 

[Representative's message]
We will work to expand business by:
Training personnel;
Reducing costs by introducing new technologies;
Strengthening sales activities; and
Introducing new facilities,
Aiming for a continuously growing enterprise. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
At present there are two personnel in the Sales Planning Division who handle domestic sales, but we anticipate employing another two staff by 2018. In particular, we plan to secure and train personnel, such as sales engineers, who can handle technical applications. At present there is 1 person handling overseas sales activities in English, but we are considering employing one more person. We are progressing in our ability to handle international logistics business and are gaining expertise in English.

[Awards and media coverage]


Acquisition of ISO 90001 certification
Acquisition of ISO 140001 certification 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ichikoh Industries, Ltd. (automotive head lamp, door mirror parts); Faltec Co., Ltd. (automotive roof rail parts); Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (automotive capacitor heat dissipation parts); SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (solar power generation parts) 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Valeo – Export of die-cast parts for Spain, Belgium, China, Poland and Romania 

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