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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:53:39

Metallogenics Co., Ltd.

We are experienced in biomolecular analysis tool R&D.

Our company is engaged in biomolecular analysis tool R&D. We have three core businesses: reagents, medical equipment, and bio-consulting. We do business with Funakoshi, Ikeda Scientific, and Nipro. We have delivered our products to Diagnocine LLC and Kamiya Biomedical in the United States. In our reagent business we manufacture and sell trace element, trace metal, and electrolyte quantification kits and biochemical marker research kits. Our products are developed by making use of molecular sensing chemistry. In our medical equipment business we have developed devices based on immunochromatography and colorimetry.


[Product description] Our Metallo Assay LS series provides reagent kits to quickly quantify trace elements and electrolytes in biological samples (serum, urine, plasma, etc.). Measurement is made using a microplate reader (ultraviolet visible light spectrophotometer). The ready-to-use kits are combined from buffers and highly sensitive chelate reagents. The buffers quickly separate metallic elements coupled with proteins and metabolites. A large quantity of specimens can be quantified quickly with high accuracy. [Market share/Ranking] This is Japan's only trace element measuring reagent for microplate readers. [Intellectual property] Japanese Patent No. 5100903: Lithium Reagent Composite, and Lithium Ion Measuring Method and Apparatus Using the Composite (patented in four overseas countries). Japanese Patent No. 5222432: Lithium Measuring Method.


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