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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:12

NEXcell CO., LTD.

Manufacturing and selling rechargeable LED floodlights, planning and selling portable storage batteries/solar panels, and importing and selling primary/secondary batteries  

The products can be used "anytime, anywhere" so long as they are charged.
1) Rechargeable LED floodlights and portable storage batteries
2) The utilization of solar panels contributes to the SDGs.
We are able to perform high-mix low-volume production of secondary batteries.
(1) Lithium ion phosphate batteries
(2) Lithium ion batteries 
(3) Lithium polymer batteries
Primary batteries
(1) Lithium thionyl chloride batteries which are indispensable for IoT applications

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Sales Pitch

Development of products such as rechargeable LED floodlights, portable storage batteries, and secondary batteries. The security industry and municipalities.
The products can be used "anytime, anywhere" (in places where power supply is unavailable) so long as they are charged.
Rechargeable LED floodlights
1) Sites of civil work, construction, electric work, maintenance, etc.
2) Sites where a commercial power supply is unavailable
3) Rich product lineup for various purposes
4) Rich lineup of solar panel rechargeable products
5) Lending demo units   
Co-development of rechargeable LED floodlights that meet clients' needs
1) Actively promoting co-development tailored to various business needs
2) Actively utilizing solar panels and secondary batteries to respond to needs for maintenance-free products
3) Unique products through co-development
Proposing portable storage batteries as disaster prevention/crisis management products
1) Places where no power supply (including commercial power supply) is available during a disaster
2) Portable batteries that can be carried around during a disaster
3) Emitting no noise or odor, requiring no refueling, and causing no danger
4) Rechargeable through solar panels
5) Specializing in large volume batteries for business purposes


LED充電式投光器 5W 10W 20W 30W 50W カタログ.pdf

ポータブル蓄電池NEX2400 カタログ.pdf

円柱形投光器 カタログ.pdf

20Wランタン 新カタログ.pdf

LEDソーラー式街路灯 カタログ .pdf

看板灯 カタログ .pdf

小型ライトカタログ YRNL-10W-LB YRNL-5W-L カタログ.pdf

高輝度LEDテープライト カタログ.pdf

サンサンライト カタログ.pdf

充電式ファン・LEDライト付カタログ 両面 .pdf

NEXcell 防災電池  カタログ .pdf

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