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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:52:41

Tec Gihan Co., Ltd.

We develop various kinds of measuring equipment in fields from medical treatment to sports.

We are a venture business that specializes in developing measuring equipment and so on. We manufacture measurement and control software, testing and checking equipment, and various sensors which are necessary for fields such as medical treatment, robotics, sports engineering, and the manufacturing industry. Our company’s mission is to create articles that are truly wanted. We have developed the world’s smallest-class small 3-axis sensor under joint research with Doshisha University. We also developed a force plate and the like which can measure the force applied to the feet during stepping and walking. Our products are widely used in major companies, famous science universities, and sports science universities. Recently we have also been developing medical rehabilitation equipment.

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[Company strength]
We design, manufacture, and sell measurement and control software, testing and checking equipment, various sensors, and data loggers. These products are necessary for fields such as medical treatment, robotics, sports engineering, and the manufacturing industry. Our company’s mission is to create articles that are truly needed, with our high-level knowledge and reliable technical power, according to various market needs. Our products are widely used in the R&D divisions of major companies, and famous science universities and graduate schools. They are also used in sports science universities, which may produce many Olympic athletes. We receive very high evaluations because of the kind support provided by our sales staff and the high precision of our products.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell electronic measuring equipment, control software, and sensors. We are a venture business that specializes in measurement. We deal with a wide range of measuring (checking) equipment and measurement and control software based on the use of high-precision sensors for R&D. There may be vast or even endless “unknown” areas in the field of measurement. We are developing a creative and innovative business which is difficult to achieve for major enterprises. We provide high-quality and highly-anticipated products. This is done by taking advantage of our accumulated experience and technological power, and the information collecting ability necessary to firmly grasp the customer’s requirements.

Electronic measuring equipment manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have advanced joint research with Doshisha University under the Intellectual Cluster Creation Project promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In this project we have developed the world’s smallest small 3-axis sensor. It is only 5 mm thick and capable of detecting a load in 3 axis directions (the load force applied to 3 directions). We developed our force plate product based on this 3-axis force sensor. It can measure the force applied to the feet during stepping and walking. We have also developed a portable force plate. It can freely measure walking data for walking steps, and at various places such as uneven roads, slopes, and steps by pasting it on the sole of shoes. We are also advancing joint development with Fujita Health University of a treadmill that has a built-in force plate and can perform dynamic analysis in a limited space.

[Representative's message]
Our sales strategy targets (1) rehabilitation and day care divisions of hospitals, and (2) sports research institutes and sporting goods manufacturers. We also focus on (3) divisions related to the digitization of the sense of touch and robot grasping power, and (4) data divisions for experiments and research. We are developing our business with a focus on these four areas. We establish a target product in each area, advertise it, and cultivate the market. In this process we hope to investigate demand in markets and to develop new products. Our rehabilitation hospital business is based mainly on our BASYS centroid oscillation and real-time feedback system. We anticipate demand for this product as a tool for walking improvement in day care, because it has posture control functionality. It is worth 450 points in the medical treatment payment system, so it will promote the development of rehabilitation divisions.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We conduct intensive market research by submitting our equipment to academic conferences involving many specialists. We also advertise our products, and perform PR and product demonstrations. We can obtain information, opinions, and ways of thinking related to our equipment by exhibiting our products 10 times a year. Academics who conduct joint R&D with us present papers on the results of the evaluation tests. We think that this enhances recognition of the functions and performance of our products, and we anticipate the potential of cultivating new fields. We established a new East Japan sales office in November 2015 in order to enhance our service in the Kanto Region and further cultivate the market. Inquiries from abroad are also tending to increase. We have prepared English catalogs, manuals, and specifications for overseas customers, so we can support inquiries at any time.

[Market share/Ranking]
There are no other enterprises that manufacture and sell products with equivalent performance (accuracy).

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Excellent Product Prize (2012); Good Design Award 2011 (2012); Kansai Branch Prize (Technology Prize), the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (2008). 

Fuji-Sankei Business Eye, “Force Plate,” applied equipment (September 2015); Nanto Economic Research Report (September 2015); Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (May and December 2013).

Acquired ISO 9001certification. 

[Joint research and development]
Doshisha University: Ultra-small fingertip sense touch sensor (joint research, 2002).
Fujita Health University: Treadmill with built-in force plate (joint research, 2012).
Nara Institute of Science and Technology & Shiseido: Joint R&D on a new-style 2-axis HapLog (since 2013).
Akita University: Research on sampling location measurement in display cases (since 2015).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Casio Computer (Livo biomedical signal record system), Shiseido (wearable contact sensor, mass production since 2012), TAKATA (high-speed tensile strength tester measurement system and air bag performance tester), EXEDY (control and data measurement system for L/U friction tester), and TOWA (mold press load sensor, mass production since 2000).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Indiana University (2015), TOWAM SND BHD (mass production; since 2000), TAKATA AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS SDN BHD (2015).

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