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Futaba Tosou Co., Ltd.

Metal coatings that can add value to articles ranging from industrial equipment to shrines and temples

Metal coating manufacturer founded in 1951. We take pride in our putty technology and coating technology developed over the years. We change the ways of using raw materials such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum by applying functional coatings such as baked coating, air dry coating, and heat-resistant coating. We add value to industrial machines such as equipment instruments, castings, and plate working frames. We also perform coating of ornamental fittings of shrines and temples, coffee roasting machines, etc. We change the coating specifications to suit the usage environment, purpose, and the like, and provide coatings that meet customers’ needs. We intend to apply our coating technology to robot related products and metal furniture, and to develop products utilizing design in the future.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our putty and functional coating technology can polish products to produce higher-quality, highly-airtight products. Putty and functional coating technology is applicable to industrial machines (automotive related equipment) as well as LCD-related Class 1 clean rooms. We can assure customers of manufacturing higher-quality products with dust-proof performance. We train employees for their growth through technical seminars, regional cleanups, nurturing a rich spirit, and a “Good Laugh” morning assembly. We conduct training for all employees so that any employee can grow through work into a person who is warm-hearted, responsible, independent, sincere, and determined.

[Business description]
We apply highly-functional material coatings to plate working frames of industrial equipment and machines related to automobiles and home electronics appliances, machined brackets, and operating boxes with putty and baked coating. We provide highly-functional coatings by applying baked coating or air dry coating. Examples of coatings include stainless steel door handles (used in brochures of festival venues and manufacturers), coatings of ornamental fittings of shrines and temples (including Izumo Taisha Shrine, Katsuoji Temple, the Old Imperial Palace, and others), and heat-resistant coatings (for coffee roasting machines).

Metal manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our putty and functional coating technology brings your ideas to life. Our putty technology nurtured for 65 years is used to regenerate plate working frames for equipment instruments which can be used in clean rooms by filling gaps with putty, thus increasing the value of customers’ products. Our technology can make casting skins smooth to increase the value of castings as products while ensuring rust protection for the castings. The functional coating changes the ways of using raw materials (iron, stainless steel, and aluminum).
Applying a heat-resistant coating to a material can regenerate it as a coffee roasting machine. We bring customers’ ideas to life by changing coating specifications depending on the usage environment and purpose of use.

[Representative's message]
We believe that companies in Japan face many difficulties that must be solved. We conduct employee training so that we can help customers solve problems, improve our skills, and help our employees to grow as spiritually rich people. Our goal is to become a company that can make proposals to customers and to build up and provide our skills to them, so that customers do not have to develop such skills.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We aim to increase sales in the robot-related industry, etc. by using our technology including various metal baked coatings, melamine coating, heat-resistant coating, high precision, and high airtightness. We aim to manufacture higher-quality products by training our employees as SME employees, and to increase sales with the assistance of SME Support Japan, Kansai Head Office. We are determined to manufacture higher-quality products through employee training.

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Vibrant Monozukuri Award (Artisan)

We were featured in the TV programs “Gacchiri Monday”, “Living national treasure next door” (certified as a living national treasure) in “Are you ready? Get set! Go!”, and “Luzon’s Pot”.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Yoshikawa Iron Works Co., Ltd., Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Alna Sharyo Co., Ltd.

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