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Plastic ball bearings usable for a long time, even under water.

We manufacture machine parts such as plastic/ceramic ball bearings, slide bearings, and plain bearings. We jointly produced a plastic ball bearing with the University of Toyama, Osaka University and Kyushu University, and acquired a patent for the bearing. This bearing is unlubricated, nonmagnetic and free from corrosion, and can be used under special environments such as dry/underwater environments for a long time. We have asked universities to carry out sophisticated analyses involving frictional wear experiments under special environments, and have built various databases. We have a proven track record of delivering products to major manufacturers of semiconductors and liquid crystal devices, scientific instrument makers, and medical equipment makers.

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[Company strength]
We have accumulated frictional wear data for plastic ball bearings made of various materials in special environments such as dry environments (with no grease or lubricant) and underwater environments, obtained through unique joint research with universities. We have presented papers on experiment data at academic meetings and have received high evaluations. These data, uniquely collected by us, will provide a standard for using plastic ball bearings, and are a backbone of our technical capabilities. We can suggest the material and shape of bearings for a customer’s particular use, on the basis of these unique databases, and have thus established relationships of trust with many customers.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell plastic/ceramic machine parts (plastic ball bearings, sliding bearings, pillow blocks, slide bearings, gears, ceramic ball bearings, and plastic processed products). We particularly manufacture and sell bearings (sliding, rolling) and gears as sliding parts under our own brand.
Our products are used in various industries, and we offer the widest variety of materials and shapes of plastic ball bearings in Japan. We provide not only standardized products but also customized products and assembled goods to meet various needs.

Manufacture of plastic machine parts (mainly Plastic Bearings)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Ball bearings are usually made of metal. The advantages of producing ball bearings using plastic instead of metal are as follows: 1) no lubricant such as grease or oil is necessary, 2) the bearing does not rust, 3) the bearing has resistance against chemicals and does not corrode, 4) the bearing is an electrical insulator, and 5) the bearing is nonmagnetic. These five key features mean a long life in special environments where metal bearings cannot be used or the user does not want to use a metal bearing, and resolve the increase of the number of parts and the design complexity caused by using a metal bearing.

[Representative's message]
Our unique plastic ball bearings are very useful for many users in special environments. These bearings are not yet widely known but many more industries will come to use our bearings. They are not yet widely known overseas either, and so our bearings are likely to spread greatly both inside and outside Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our updated website generates 300-400 inquiries a year, which our sales group answers. Our sales reps act as technical sales experts and explain technical matters to customers. We have strong links with university laboratories, which carry out academic analyses as required. We display our products at many exhibitions, and have created English and German websites and catalogues for overseas sales. Part-time Americans support our overseas business.

[Awards and media coverage]


Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program “SME IT Management Award 2009”

[Joint research and development]
University of Toyama, since 2013 (after Osaka University (2003-2007) and Kyushu University (2007-2013))

[Factory (domestic)]
2-9-21 Himesato Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka City 555-0025 Japan

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Major manufacturers of semiconductors/liquid crystal devices (Screen Holdings Co., Ltd., S-Tec Corporation, etc.), major chemical equipment makers (Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, DIC Corporation, etc.), major medical equipment makers (Arkray, Inc., Johnson and Johnson K.K., Daiken Iki Corporation, Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd., etc.), etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Major chemical equipment makers (Germany and Switzerland)

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