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Azumaneji Co., Ltd.

Our business covers from special screw sales to providing services about torque experiments.

We are engaged in three lines of business related to screws or tightenings. The first is to sell general or special fasteners. For example, with regards to the special fasteners, We handle low-headed screws, tamper-resistant fasteners, and decorative screws. The second is to sell whole metal parts. We develop, produce and manufacture from ideas or drawing stages with domestic and foreign partners. The third is to provide customers with practical data on tightening derived from experiments. We help our customers to create safe products.

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[Company strength]
Our company stably supplies a great variety of screws under optimal conditions that satisfy customer requests. This is done in collaboration with manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Our Vietnamese subsidiary, Azuma Vietnam JSC., exports local products and sells them in Japan. This subsidiary enjoys a high level of appreciation for stably supplying products to companies advancing into the region. We initiated a technical center as a new business. It provides proper tightening torques by conducting tightening tests using screws and bolts with machines for bolt tightening and self-tapping screw tightening testing. We will contribute to proper screw fastening to reduce fastening-related accidents.

[Business description]
Our company is a trading firm located in Sumida City, Tokyo with a history of doing business with an affiliated company in Hanoi City, Vietnam. Our business started with screw sales, and has expanded widely. We now sell metal parts made by forming, cutting, and joining, and provide services making use of our fastening technology. Our company trades products and services, and we also develop, manufacture, and sell products. We have acquired ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification.

Production and trading of metal parts

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company handles screws and bolts used in various places. Our aluminum slim-head screws are as light as about one-third of steel or stainless-steel products and can be colored by applying color anodizing treatment. Our screws and bolts can contribute to cutting-edge robotics technologies and drone products that require compactness, light weight, and good design. Our low-headed bolts have small screws. They are suitable: (1) where clearances are limited, (2) where a smooth fit is a design goal, and (3) for fastening thin sheets where countersinking is impossible.

Our company was established in 1961 as Azuma Screw Works, and we have been playing an important role in clamping items with screws, which are basic parts for various industries. Screws are very close to us in daily life, and can always be found within a meter around us at home and work. This familiar part is a mechanical component that has both high functionality and cost performance in fastening and disassembly. We will contribute to industrial development through this indispensable screw fastening technology to be a company that coexists with the environment and is truly essential for society. Members of our staff have been sincerely and diligently responding to customer requests for over 50 years since our establishment. We are confident that we are steadily getting close to achieving our objectives. Human society and scientific technology are expected to make remarkable progress in the twenty-first century. The role of safe fastening seems to be becoming more important. We will confront the need for safe fastening, which is an important matter of safety. We will further promote evolution and intensification to continue our efforts as a leading company for screws and fastening technology. Our mission will be to construct a safe and comfortable society. We will greatly appreciate your continuing support and encouragement.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We participate in exhibitions held in Japan and abroad. Our overseas business expansion is mainly conducted from Hanoi City, Vietnam. We also offer technical assistance through screw fastening laboratory services (fastening characteristic tests and fastening seminars).

ISO 9001 and 14001.

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