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Daiei Industry Co., Ltd.

We contribute to producing clean water with our original septic tanks.

We are a septic tank manufacturer founded in 1961, making every effort to contribute to society through our water cleaning business. We manufacture and sell combined septic tanks, water-treatment facilities with septic tanks for food manufacturing plants, treatment equipment for artificial dialysis wastewater, etc. We have a proven track record in supplying products to major construction firms, and offices and housing for construction sites throughout Japan. These firms include Kajima Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, Toda Corporation, and Daito Trust Corporation. In overseas business, we participated in the Wuxi-Jiangyin Collaborative Public Sanitation Project for improving the water quality of Lake Tai in Jiangsu Province, China, where we installed septic tanks for advanced water treatment. Regarding global expansion, we are considering setting up an overseas hub for sales promotion.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our main advantage is the ability to design, develop, manufacture, install, and maintain new products ourselves. The products include combined septic tanks, water treatment facilities for food manufacturing plants, treatment equipment for artificial dialysis wastewater, and individual auxiliary devices. We are one of the oldest manufacturers; we started producing and selling FRP septic tanks 45 years ago, and have since continued to further develop our excellent production technologies.

[Business description]
From the time that we established our company in 1961, we have been contributing to environmental conservation in local communities through our water cleaning business, making full use of the most advanced water-treatment technology and the creativity of our employees. We are presently engaged in the following operations:
(1) Manufacture, sales, installation, and maintenance of septic tanks of all sizes.
(2) Manufacture, sales, installation, and maintenance of FRP products, such as pump tanks, water storage tanks, and grease traps, and other FRP water tanks for various applications, according to customers’ requests.
(3) Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of water-treatment facilities for businesses, such as commercial kitchen drainage and industrial drainage.

Septic tank manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Septic tanks are water-treatment facilities that can be installed quickly and inexpensively compared to sewage systems. The market for septic tanks in Japan is shrinking, but there is a huge market in Southeast Asia, where concerns are rising about the detrimental effects on the water environment, such as rivers, due to the increasing population. This provides us with major business opportunities in the future. For example, Indonesia has a vast territory and a large population (twice that of Japan), so we will use the country as a foothold for overseas expansion and then continue on to the neighboring countries.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our design and development division handles all technical inquiries. As part of overseas expansion, we are planning to penetrate Southeast Asia, where growth is expected, selecting staff responsible for overseas business from our technical, sales, manufacturing, and construction divisions. Our plan in Indonesia has been adopted as part of JICA’s project to help SMEs expand overseas, so we will conduct a research project from this year to next year. Then we will carry out a demonstration project for diffusion to develop products suitable for the region. At the same time, we will set up overseas sales offices.

[Awards and media coverage]
Eco Mark Award 2013, Product of the Year

The Japan Environmental Association Eco Mark Office issued a press release announcing that we received a Product of the Year award in the Eco Mark Award 2013.

ISO 9001, 14001

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