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Latest update: 24/01/2020 13:46:38

Toyo Brazing Co., Ltd.

We manufacture non-oxidation brazed parts, which is spurring our overseas expansion.

Our company manufactures and sells non-oxidation brazed parts. Non-oxidation brazing imparts a more beautiful finish than conventional manual brazing. Neither shot blasting nor acid cleaning are necessary as post-processing. Our method features high cost efficiency, and it has made great contributions after being adopted for automotive engines, fuel tank tubing, and power steering tubing part construction. Our company has done business with JTEKT, Takahashi Metal Industries, Denso Kiko, Hamanaka Denso, and FTS. We have received orders from Japanese companies in Mexico and Vietnam. We are accelerating our overseas expansion centered on our site in Vietnam, with the aim of promoting sales in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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[Company strength]
Our company is known as the top owner of mesh-belt continuous furnaces in the Chubu region. We make use of this advantage to operate a mass-production system for non-oxidation brazed parts including eight mesh-belt continuous furnaces and three batch-type vacuum furnaces. We possess one hydrocarbon single-bath vacuum washer, one hydrocarbon multi-bath vacuum washer, and one continuous washer using alkaline ion water. These are used to remove metal part machining oil and anti-rust oil as preprocessing. We also maintain many types of inspection equipment for high-level quality assurance, such as a digital Vickers hardness meter, a coercive force HC meter, and an inverted metallurgical microscope. Our company has established an integrated production system up to assembly by consigning cold forging, machining, pressing, plating, and coating to our partner companies.

[Business description]
Our mainline business is non-oxidation brazing and annealing. We have devoted ourselves day and night to our motto of continuously taking on the challenge of good quality and low cost since our foundation in 1972.  We have been steadily developing as a brazing manufacturer to the present day thanks to our customers’ appreciation of our efforts. We will go back to the origin of Monozukuri craftsmanship and further improve our technical power so as not to drown in the current flowing toward the future. All of our staff will work together to survive in the current times and meet your requests by bringing out the best from our ideas and harmony among people.

Non-oxidation brazing and demagnetizing annealing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Non-oxidation brazing is conducted in a gas environment. It imparts a very beautiful finish and does not require shot blasting or acid cleaning in post-processing, unlike conventional manual brazing in the atmosphere. Our mesh-belt continuous furnaces have particularly high productivity and excellent cost efficiency. Our batch-type vacuum furnaces can handle products with strict dimensional accuracy by uniform heating. Our company is experienced in brazing engine parts that are at the heart of automobiles, and also fuel tank tubing parts and power steering tubing parts. We possess three continuous furnaces capable of special stainless-steel treatment.

[Representative's message]
We will promote improvement and automation to further improve the efficiency of our foundation in Japan. We will try to be of assistance toward the global development of major companies by working with the collaboration of our overseas partners. We are now actively working abroad, and particularly in the ASEAN area. We will supply products to Vietnam and also to Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia for further global expansion, while maintaining high quality and quick turnaround similar to Japan. We will also reduce costs by making the most of the advantage of low wages abroad.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Mr. Sawada in our technical section is in charge of technical consulting. We started our overseas business in July 2011 by advancing into Vietnam. We mainly apply thermal treatment to automotive engine parts and sell them to Japanese companies in Vietnam. We possess four batch-type vacuum furnaces, one hydrocarbon single-bath vacuum washer, and one hydrocarbon multi-bath vacuum washer. We intend to introduce a mesh-belt continuous furnace, which is our main production strength in Japan. We are now building up a production system for the local supply of products similar to those in Japan. We have one full-time Japanese worker and two Japanese-speaking local workers in Vietnam to attend to customers.

[Awards and media coverage]
JTEKT Award for  Excellent Quality (2009 and 2014); Hamanaka Denso Award for Excellent Quality (2008); and FTS Award for  Excellent Quality (2002, 2010, and 2012).

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

[Joint research and development]
We received and introduced an in-house manufacturing line set from a Tier-1 supplier for Toyota Motor. We have started up this line with the cooperation and guidance of the manufacturer, and are now manufacturing products. We also make various improvement proposals regarding productivity and quality.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
JTEKT (power steering parts), Takahashi Metal Industries (power generator parts), Denso Kiko (diesel engine parts), Hamanaka Denso (functional parts for engines), FTS (fuel tank parts), and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Indirect customers: Denso Vietnam (consignment manufacturing), Denso Mexico (consignment manufacturing), and Hamaden Vietnam (consignment manufacturing).

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