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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:06:54

Ishii Seiki Co., Ltd.

We have a proven track record of the jig grinding process for major Japanese companies.

We do business focusing on the jig grinding process. We have transactions with Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd., Tungaloy Corporation, Konica Minolta, Inc., and Toyo Knife Co., Ltd. We have accumulated findings and experience regarding jig grinding since our establishment in 1968. They have been applied to a jig process that allows grinding with a pitch dimensional accuracy of ±0.001 mm, a hole diameter dimension of ±0.001 mm, and a depth accuracy of ±0.002 mm. We are appropriately forwarding a business continuity plan (BCP). We have taken measures by completing our second factory (Niigata factory) so that customer service will not be suspended even if earthquake, fire, or other unforeseen circumstances occur. We also manufacture punching dies for the food and medical industries, and precision parts.


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[Company strength]
(1) We regularly recruit younger employees and teach them the techniques so that we can provide the same level of service for a long period of time (average age: 38 years old).
(2) Our second factory (Niigata factory) was completed. We can carry out alternative production even if the operation of either of our factories is interrupted because of earthquake, fire, or other unforeseen circumstances. Thus, customer service will not be suspended (implementation of BCP (business continuity plan)).
(3) All employees have a challenging spirit for new processing based on existing technologies, and externalize it so as to always utilize the latest technologies.

[Business description]
We have provided a jig grinding service to customers for over 40 years. We currently focus on the jig grinding process and provide (1) a jig grinding process customized service, (2) food and medical punching die manufacturing, and (3) precision part manufacturing. “Jig-ken” is an abbreviation for the step of the “jig grinding process.” This is a processing technique for grinding the inner and outer diameter of circular holes, square pockets, and irregular shapes of from micron-order while ensuring pitch accuracy.

Jig grinding

[Representative's message]
We endeavor to protect Japanese Monozukuri and to assist the growth of the community by passing on the jig grinding process technology. We are also committed to employees’ happiness and the further development of the company. We value the improvement of skills, as well as reliability as human beings and connection with people. The establishment of the Niigata factory is a part of our BCP, so that our work will not be delayed and customers will not be inconvenienced even if any disaster occurs. We are aiming to satisfy customer needs across Japan while focusing on the jig grinding process.

[Awards and media coverage]
Kanagawa Prefecture: Recognized as an excellent factory.

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and World Business Satellite

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