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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:46:47

Elionix Inc.

We sell our particle beam and electromagnetic wave devices and systems worldwide. 

We are a device and system manufacturer that distributes products both in Japan and overseas. Our products utilize particle beam (e.g., electron, ion) and electromagnetic wave (e.g., light, X-ray) technologies. They are supplied to universities, research institutions, and public institutions. We have delivered products to the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), in addition to around 240 private companies. Our products are exported to Europe and the US as well as to regions in Asia, such as China, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. Our strength lies in our technology and development capabilities. Our electron beam lithography system is a system for reproducing shapes much smaller than a semiconductor. This is done by irradiating an electron beam on a silicone substrate or other objects. It can evenly draw more than 1 million lines on a one-cubic-centimeter cup. 


[Product description] The long years of experience, passion, and originality of our development team have borne fruit. You can obtain a stable, small-diameter beam of diameter 1.7 nm (minimum) for a long time through an acceleration voltage of up to 125 kV. This realizes ultra-fine pattern drawings with a line width of 4 nm. It guarantees ultra-fine pattern drawings with a line width of 5 nm, even with commercially available resist solution. The ultra-high acceleration voltage (125 kV) enables ultra-fine pattern drawings with a high aspect ratio.