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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:01:35

DAIGO Electronic Industry Inc.

We can support various needs such as processing, welding, and leak checking.

We are a manufacturer of electric machines and tools founded in 1959. We are an expert metal working company. We have expanded our business from processing to welding and leak checking according to various customer needs. We have done business with major domestic Japanese companies such as Tokyo Electron Tohoku, Shimadzu, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Hitachi, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries. We have also done business with overseas affiliates of Japanese companies. We support sheet metal processing, machining, welding, and cleanroom assembly. We can conduct all this processing with our in-house equipment. We have established an original network so we can satisfy customer needs for integrated handling of surface treatment, starting from the processing stage.


[Product description] There are many professional companies in each area of processing. However, there are few cases in which a product can be finished within one processing field, even if it is finished as a single part. There are many steps in metal working, such as welding after machining, welding after sheet metal working, secondary machining after welding, and assembly after parts processing. We possess equipment that enables continuous in-house processing of various steps. We possess machining equipment such as a lathe, milling cutter, and machining center, and sheet metal processing equipment such as a laser cutter and various benders. We also have welding equipment such as a TIG welding, robot welding, and fiber laser welding. We even have a cleanroom for conducting leak checking after welding and the assembly work. We can make use of this equipment to easily bring together processing among various steps, and thus reduce management costs. We take on the challenge of difficult processing that cannot be treated by single-area specialists by making full use of our technology as a whole.


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