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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:01:35

DAIGO Electronic Industry Inc.

We can support various needs such as processing, welding, and leak checking.

We are a manufacturer of electric machines and tools founded in 1959. We are an expert metal working company. We have expanded our business from processing to welding and leak checking according to various customer needs. We have done business with major domestic Japanese companies such as Tokyo Electron Tohoku, Shimadzu, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Hitachi, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries. We have also done business with overseas affiliates of Japanese companies. We support sheet metal processing, machining, welding, and cleanroom assembly. We can conduct all this processing with our in-house equipment. We have established an original network so we can satisfy customer needs for integrated handling of surface treatment, starting from the processing stage.

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[Company strength]
We have expanded our processing fields in order to respond to customer needs, by proactively introducing various devices as well as specialized processing equipment. We acquired ISO 9000 certification for our quality control system, and have passed quality inspections by major companies. We have assigned five full-time inspectors and established a complete system. We are also working on our BCP (Business Continuity Plan). We have established an original network of substitute manufacturers by expanding our cooperating factories from a limited area to all Japan, as well as arranging data backups and evacuation drills. We are also actively recruiting new graduates. In our human resource development we are also advancing technological succession to the young generation, and our goal is to continuously engage in business.

[Business description]
We are an expert metal working company that covers from processing to welding and leak checking. We focus on providing a wide range of support from parts processing for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and vacuum equipment to equipment assembly and product finishing (under OEM). We conduct sheet metal processing, machining, welding, and cleanroom assembly. We can conduct all this processing with our in-house equipment. We have cooperating factories so we can also meet any requirements for various kinds of surface treatment in an integrated manner from the processing stage. We have established an original network so that our customers can select a factory that matches their needs, even for the same type of processing.

Electric machine and tool manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Unlike a specialty enterprise we can easily merge multiple steps because we possess various types of production equipment. We excel at metal working with a focus on stainless steel. We mainly deal with processing parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and vacuum equipment. We deal with many products such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment units, electronic equipment housings, water-cooling piping, and vacuum piping. We also treat  products made by combining and welding processed goods made from sheet metal, machining, and piping. We are now making full use of our accumulated knowledge to take on the challenge of processed goods in every industry without regard to our own main industry. This includes the food, medical treatment, and aerospace industries. We are working hard to advance the continuation of our business.

[Representative's message]
Our corporate motto is thorough quality control and quick support. We provide customers with satisfactory products and services. We can prepare a quotation in one day. We are also willing to accept trial manufacturing and subsequent mass production, or single-piece production. Please feel free to contact us.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are now expanding the introduction of equipment and our area of processing. This is so our customers can make one-stop orders for equipment and units without having to select a manufacturer for each part, and without detailed knowledge of the processing. We are actively making use of the Internet and media. We exhibit various samples of processed goods at various exhibitions so that visitors can easily confirm the finished performance of the products. We try to maintain support for those who send us an inquiry, and visitors who exchange business cards with us at exhibitions. We are willing to visit customers throughout Japan to help solve problems even though they are fay away.

[Awards and media coverage]

Sagami Keizai Shimbun (March 10, 2015, etc.); NHK News, Ohayo Nippon (December 20, 2013); NHK Close-up Gendai (September 5, 2011); NHK News Watch 9 (August 4, 2011).

Acquired KES (Environment Management System Standard) Step 2 certification (February 2013).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Tokyo Electron Tohoku, Shimadzu, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Hitachi, Musashi Engineering, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions, and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Tokyo Electron Korea.

[Exhibition History/Information]
2016: We plan to submit to SEMICON Japan 2016.
2015: SEMICON Japan 2015, Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2015, VACUUM 2015.
2014: SEMICON Japan 2014, VACUUM 2014, Techno Transfer in Kawasaki 2014, and  Technical Show Yokohama 2014.
2013: SEMICON Japan 2013, SME Expo Sougouten in Tokyo 2013–2014.
2012: Techno Transfer in Kawasaki 2012, Shonan-Hiratsuka Techno Fair 2012.

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