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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:45:38


Our company is pursuing global expansion with environment related equipment.

We are a machine manufacturer established in 1953. Our mainline products are equipment associated with recycling. We have shipped more than 20,000 vibrating screens and 2,000 double-shaft shredders. We have many customers among major companies in Japan, such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kobe Steel, Takuma, JFE Engineering, and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal. Our company has also exported products to China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. We have been accumulating knowledge and experience about crushing, shredding, and sorting technologies and applying them to manufacturing since our foundation. We also manufacture plant systems. We have a track record of in the field of recycling home electronics appliances with products that have been adopted at one-third of domestic Japanese facilities.


[Product description] Crushing is essential as preprocessing for sorting according to materials in order to obtain value from used products and waste by recycling. Our SHRED KING powerfully crushes processing objects by low-speed rotation with high torque for easy recycling. We have provided more than 2,000 units in the last 30 years. The features include the following. (1) Twin-motor drive for higher engagement performance: The rotation speeds of the two rotors can be freely set and changed for efficient processing at optimal rotation speeds according to the processing object. (2) Automatic foreign object ejector for continuous running: Rotor rotation is reversed if a foreign object enters the crusher so as to eject the object from the machine and then return to normal. This prevents damage to the cutters and operation stoppage from lowering the processing performance. (3) Piece cutter with high maintainability: Large models use the piece cutter method in which only the end of the cutter can be replaced. One cutter is secured with two bolts, which can be simply removed and reattached after replacing the cutter. The replacement time can be reduced with a dedicated tool. Worn used piece cutters are recycled by hardfacing at a dedicated plant and provided at about the half the cost of a new one. (4) Rotor assembly replacement method: The casing consists of upper and lower halves, so cutters can be replaced with a rotor. You can greatly reduce the replacement time when replacing all the cutters by preparing a new rotor in advance for cutter replacement along with the rotor. (5) Excellent crushing performance with any kinds of objects: The sharp cutting performance means that the shredder can process various other articles in addition to waste from ordinary homes collected at local government garbage disposal facilities. These include home electronics appliances, plastics, and waste building materials. Our shredders can handle even difficult-to-crush bedding and mattresses without any problem.

[Product description] This machine makes use of impulsive force. It can crush metal scrap and panels including waste home electronics appliances into grains of a uniform size. Iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and rare metals can then be efficiently collected at a later sorting process. This crusher has a space-saving design and does not generate much vibration. This increases the range of choices for installation sites. The features include the following. (1) High separability and uniform crushed grain size: This crusher produces fine grains of a uniform size by impulsion, compression, twisting, scrubbing, and tearing. Separate crushing according to material composition enables sorting and recycling in a later process. (2) Small installation space: This crusher has a robust structure with a compact design that is low in height. (3) Easy maintenance: The rotor can be extracted just by loosening the bolts, which reduces the time required for hammer and liner replacement. (4) Solid foundation unnecessary: Low-speed rotation and little vertical vibration mean that this crusher requires only small-scale foundation work. This suppresses the installation costs.