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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:45:36

Mark Co., Ltd.

We are a woven label maker that has developed a "sprouting" business card. 

Our company manufactures and wholesales emblems and woven labels for the side (or collar) of clothes. We offer comprehensive services that include all processes from recommendations on material and design to manufacturing and delivery. Our services have expanded to include special printing, display goods production, pamphlet and poster design, printing and production, and planning and production of novelty goods and stuffed animals. Our unique products have attracted significant attention. This includes our "sprouting" business card, which is a paper product with embedded plant seeds. We also supply products with NFC chips, which can be used for merchandise control and customer management when embedded in fiber products, and they are also washable. 

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[Company strength]
Our company has earned customer trust by offering various design ideas, and good quality and short delivery times (including prototypes) based on our wealth of know-how. We also try to stay in touch with the world, and offer the exact proposals and delivery conditions to match customer needs. Our relationships of trust with various manufacturing plants (paper, plastic, metals, wood, etc.) allow for stable production, while encouraging the development of innovative products. We recently commercialized many of our patented technologies, and prepared a new framework to cater to various customer needs. This will be done by developing environmentally conscious products, and new methods of product management and marketing. 

[Business description]
Our company was founded in 1988 as a secondary material manufacturer in the apparel field. We manufactured woven labels and care labels for the side (or collar) of clothes, and then started to manufacture emblems, leather patches, tags, and wrapping materials to meet customer needs. We now offer total services from recommendations on material and design to manufacturing and delivery. Our line of business has recently expanded to include special printing, display goods production, pamphlet and poster production, and planning and production of various novelty goods and stuffed animals. This allows us to meet a wide range of needs. 

Woven label manufacturing and wholesaling; promotional novelty design, planning, manufacturing, and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Washable NFC chip that can be embedded in fiber products (patent pending): This internally developed technology has a wide range of potential applications in fields such as merchandise control, customer control, and sales promotion goods. This can be a solution to your needs.
Paper products with embedded plant seeds: Applications includes postcards, business cards, and tags. Continuous advertising effects are expected even after sprouting, as consumers see the advertisement and message every time they water the plant. We have introduced manufacturing equipment to get ready for mass production.
Our apparel secondary material department offers optimal recommendations for customer needs, such as IC tag printing for product control (including system development), and hologram printing. 

[Representative's message]
In the course of dealing with many customers our company has transformed turned itself from a dedicated woven label manufacturer into a more versatile form of business organization. We have a wide range of possibilities and a diverse product lineup. We hope to offer our products as well as our technologies and know-how to companies and industries that we have not encountered before. This will be done by making use of our experience in past projects. We hope to initiate new deals that bring about mutual benefits. We will work very hard to deliver our original products and ideas, even for customers who are only slightly interested in our company. Our goal is for the customer to want to continue to deal with us in the future. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The president directly talks with customers to make good proposals in a timely manner by making use of many years of experience and know-how. Many of our products are displayed in the office to convey a specific image to customers. Our website is currently being renovated to display video about our main products so that faraway customers can have a clear image of what they are. The main job of our Shanghai office is material procurement, and we have local staff who can speak Chinese and English. They can reply to inquiries from overseas. 

[Awards and media coverage]
NHK Machikado Johoshitsu, "Rakuteru" (July 10, 2012); MSN Sankei News, "Sprouting Business Card" (June 3, 2014); Sankei Shimbun, "Power of SME" (June 4, 2014); Bplatz Press, "The Charm of This Company for Nobukane-san" (May 2014).

Osaka Prefectural Innovative Management Plan approval (Osaka Prefectural Directive (Keishi) 1122-28); approval by Osaka Prefecture as a company cultivating a new field. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Major life insurance companies (novelties); major apparel maker (product headers, secondary materials for apparel, etc.); major sports goods maker (fastener handles, business cards, envelopes, and so on).

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ