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Shioiri Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We have an extensive track record, including inscribing brand names on metal products. 

We are a precision part manufacturer established in 1965. Our strength lies in industrial engraving, which makes it possible to carve numbers, letters, and logos on metal workpieces in convex or concave form. This is used for making precision die parts, and also for inscribing serial numbers and brand names on metal products. Our products are delivered to major Japanese companies such as Seiko Epson, Citizen Watch, Nippon Steel, Furukawa Electric, and Enomoto. They are also exported to Enomoto Philippines Manufacturing, Yamaha Indonesia, and other overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies. We can handle industrial engraving for carving 0.3-mm text (top-to-bottom) in convex form to a depth of 0.1 mm in depth, within a tolerance of 0.01 mm. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company started out as a dedicated engraving manufacturer. We are confident that our overall industrial engraving technologies are at the highest level in Japan. This includes carving dies as well as precision inscription services. We also focus on capital investment, and we offer additional services such as EDM processing, NC milling, and grinding of formed parts. We can apply our engraving techniques especially with EDM processing and NC milling to create fine, elaborate patterns with high precision. Our combination of equipment and craftsmanship can satisfy various customer needs.

[Business description]
We are a precision die part manufacturer that possesses rare industrial engraving technology. Industrial engraving is a technology that makes it possible to carve numbers, letters, logos, and other symbols in convex or concave form. This is used to inscribe serial numbers, brand names, and so on. We also apply the precision machining technology we have gained from industrial engraving to offer precision die parts and partially machined die parts to our customers. 

Precision engraving; die part manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our engraving technology features many strengths. We can offer carving of hard materials, and carving in small spaces using a microscope. We can handle EDM processing of super-hard materials to carve 0.3-mm text (top-to-bottom) to a depth of 0.1 mm (within a tolerance of 0.01 mm). The edges of this engraved text can be 0.02 mm ±0.01 mm, and text engraved in super-hard material can be 0.15 mm ±0.005 mm in depth. Engraved patterns on a bent surface can be the same as the block copy. We can apply a 0.003 to 0.005-mm stain finish to carved surfaces through EDM. We can handle all kinds of engraving (from material preparation to heat treatment).

[Representative's message]
Needs are becoming more diverse in response to the changing times, and high-precision products are required. Our company has tried to introduce the latest technologies and train our engineers in our efforts to provide high-quality products for our customers. We will all work hard to satisfy customer requests by making use of unique machining technology that combines precision engraving techniques with precision die technology. We will pursue the long-standing theme of our company that we have maintained since our establishment: consistent high quality, and constant technological improvements. Our goal is to supply products with higher precision. We will continue to improve our technology to contribute to society by moving in directions that suit the needs of the times. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We place regular advertisements in Kata Gijutsu and Press Gijutsu magazines (published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun). We also try to participate in various exhibitions and other events to acquire new customers. We have appointed two sales representatives within our organization, and encourage them to pursue self-development by taking training courses offered by small business management and technology institutes and so on. We invite contact persons in trading companies to demonstrations of our technology in an effort to increase our sales channels.

[Awards and media coverage]
Fresh Yume Plant certification by Sumida Ward (2015); Vibrant Company Award, from Sumida Ward (2008).

Television Tokyo, “World Business Satellite: Waza ari, nippon no sokojikara” (2013); Kata Gijutsu.

Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification in August 2002. Scope: Production of engravings; die and die part design and manufacturing; die repair, modification, and maintenance.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Seiko Epson (industrial engraving and die parts); Citizen Watch (industrial engraving and die parts); Nippon Steel (industrial engraving and die parts); Furukawa Electric (industrial engraving and die parts); Enomoto (industrial engraving and die parts); Mitsubishi Electric (industrial engraving and die parts); Toyota Motor (industrial engraving and die parts).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Enomoto Philippines Manufacturing; Yamaha Indonesia.

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