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Latest update: 18/01/2022 18:22:32

Macoho Co., Ltd.

We are one of the world's few dedicated wet blasting equipment manufacturers.

Wet blasting uses the force of compressed air to spray a mixture of water and abrasives (slurry) at high speed to clean, process, or reform metal or resin surfaces. Our company is one of the world's few manufacturers that specialize in this technology. Our business has expanded as we respond to customer needs for sub-micron level grinding, polishing, roughening, and cleaning of processed surfaces as post-processing. We have done business with anti-vibration rubber manufacturers, heavy and light electrical appliance manufacturers, and aircraft manufacturers. Our products have been shipped to major manufacturers overseas, such as companies in the US and Asia.


[Product description] This is a surface treatment technology. A mixture of water and abrasives (slurry) is sprayed at high speed using compressed air to process, reform, and clean the targeted surface. This technology realizes more intensive cleaning compared to ordinary dry blasting because it can degrease the surface at the same time. Particulates from processing are washed away by water, so the resulting surface is cleaner with a smaller amount of residue remaining on it. This technology also has higher controllability because the abrasives are mixed with water and handled as fluid. Fine abrasives usually cannot effectively reach a target because they are slowed down by air resistance in a powder state. Wet blasting can solve this problem, so it is suitable for more detailed processing.

[Product description] This product is a kind of automatic processing equipment for bar-shaped tools, such as drills and end mills, which are used in the machining tool industry. It is equipped with a two-stage blasting booth that allows you to create various types of surfaces by changing the combination. This makes it possible to cope with a wide range of applications including surface cleaning and blade edge machining. Our equipment also features an original mechanism that reduces the trouble of changing the arrangements every time the work type is changed.