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Latest update: 02/09/2022 17:32:22

Tetsudou Sharyou Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We have track record with volatile organic compound (VOC) countermeasure equipment.

We are an equipment manufacturer founded in 1946. We mainly manufacture and sell volatile organic compound (VOC) countermeasure equipment. We do a lot of business with major domestic Japanese companies such as Toppan Printing, Nippon Xeon, Yonex, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, and Nichireki. We have a track record of overseas transactions mainly with Japanese-affiliated companies in China and Thailand. We respond to various needs from small equipment to large equipment. Our lineup of catalytic deodorization system equipment covers processing wind capacities from 1 cubic meter per minute to 500 normal cubic meters per minute. We are focusing on accelerating our overseas expansion and entry into new fields with the target of expanding sales.


[Product description] This product is equipment for VOC (volatile organic compound) removal and deodorization. It applies oxidative decomposition of VOC gases such as toluene, xylene, and ethyl acetate and exhausts gas from equipment that generates bad smells. This equipment is made to be lightweight and compact in order to enable local exhaust or temporary use. With attached casters this product becomes portable deodorization equipment that can be used at any necessary place. A combustion system* is adopted in this product so we maintain a high VOC gas removal rate. The processing wind capacity is small, such as 1 normal cubic meter per minute and 3 normal cubic meters per minute. This is why this product is suitable for local exhaust treatment such as leaking gas. Remote monitoring using a tablet such as an iPad or iPhone is made possible by selecting the option to utilize Wi-Fi communications. Equipment operation can be monitored in a separate room. *A catalytic combustion system refers to the oxidative decomposition and deodorization of exhaust gas. This is done by heating the processing gas with a precious metal catalyst and by causing the gas to touch the catalyst. [Authorization/Certification] Our SCU-1EH is an excellent product authorized by the Hachioji Authorization System of SMEs New Product Development in 2015.