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Toua Kikou Co., Ltd.

Our production equipment for sanitary goods has been adopted by both domestic Japanese and overseas manufacturers. 

We are a machinery manufacturer established in 1974. Our company manufactures and sells mostly heating pad production machines, face mask production machines, and sanitary napkin production machines. Our products are used by major Japanese companies such as Okamoto Industries and Daio Paper. Our machines are also exported to Korean and Taiwanese companies. Our company has accumulated an extensive range of insight and experience regarding sanitary goods since our establishment. We have confidence in our technologies such as cloth and film processing, cutting, weld bonding, adhesion, conveyance, lamination, and packing. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company excels at unwoven cloth processing, film processing, cutting, weld bonding, adhesion, conveyance, lamination, and packing. This is based on our sanitary goods production technology. We possess machining tools and roll grinders on-site to quickly satisfy customer needs.

[Business description]
We develop, design, manufacture, and sell automated production equipment for sanitary goods. Our main products include heating pad production machines, face mask production machines, and sanitary napkin production machines. Our company designs and manufacturers machines with individual differences according to each customer’s desired specifications. We also conduct R&D activities on uses for bamboo, such as bamboo fiber production for unwoven cloth, panels, and so on. This was done in response to a request from a municipal government that needed to deal with abandoned bamboo groves. 

Production equipment manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Major sanitary goods manufacturers require high-speed, high-quality, highly efficient automated production machines with few malfunctions and waste. We achieve these goals by making use of original systems and the latest technologies. These are based on the extensive technologies and experience we have cultivated in many years of operation. We have realized a production capacity of 600 pieces per minute for our heating pad production machine, which uses a magnetic measuring instrument. We also realized production at 300 pieces per minute in our face mask production machine, in which folded rolls and die cut rolls are combined. Our breast milk pad production machine also works at high speed. We are in the leading position in the field of high-speed production machines. 

[Representative's message]
The number of inquiries from other countries, and especially South Korea, China, and Taiwan, has been increasing in recent years, partly because of the influence of Abenomics. We plan to reinforce our sales efforts for sanitary goods production machines based on our technology, with a focus on Southeast Asia. We believe that a company’s competitiveness depends on its development capabilities, and we are confident that we will be able to develop new products by capturing user needs in a timely manner. I will pay close attention to management while communicating with people in other fields. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Projects in Japan are mainly overseen by the design department, where the staff are divided into three lines to manage respective projects. These include (1) paper diapers, women’s napkins and heating pads, (2) face masks and paper processing, and (3) bamboo fiber production. We have a policy of working with a small number of people with exceptional talent. The entire project from base design to detailed design, production and assembly, and trial runs is managed by the same main person in charge to provide meticulous service. The president’s office functions as the point of contact for overseas projects. Inquiries are handled by two people (one male, one female) in English with support from five engineers.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our heating pad production machine features a maximum production capacity of 600 pieces per minute, and has the largest share of the domestic Japanese market. Our face mask production machine can manufacture 300 pieces per minute.

[Awards and media coverage]
Mitoyo City Monozukuri Award, Special Prize (2011). 

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, “Asa Zubaa” (December 13, 2010), “Yume no Tobira” (July 31, 2011).

[Joint research and development]
We have obtained approximately 100 patents in Japan and overseas. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Okamoto Industries (automated heating pad production machines); Daio Paper (paper diaper production machines, sanitary goods forming drums).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Kang Na Hsiung Enterprise, Taiwan (sanitary goods production machines, for 20 years); Chemistore, South Korea (heating pad production machines, sine 2014); Leaders, South Korea (face mask production machines, 2015). 

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Shikoku Head Office, SMRJ

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