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Yamada Chemical Co., Ltd.

We are experienced in doing business with major companies in Japan and abroad for synthetic dyes for fibers.

We are a chemicals manufacturer established in 1944. We mainly manufacture and sell synthetic dyes for fibers, functional dyes, and intermediates of synthetic resins and dyes. We have many customers in Japan, such as Nagase-OG Colors and Chemicals Co., Ltd., Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd., The Japan Textile Wool Co., Ltd., Sotoh Corporation, and Gunze Limited. We have also done business with Japanese companies in Europe, America, and Asia. Our company develops functional dyes by making use of our accumulated knowledge and experience regarding synthetic dyes. We manufacture and sell unique chemical products such as electronic materials and automotive heat-shielding materials. We have been extending our business volume in consignment manufacturing by meeting various customer requests from small quantities (grams) to large amounts (tons).

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Sales Pitch

Functional dyes (specific wavelength absorbing dyes, phorchromic dyes, electrochromic dyes, etc.)
Functional dye refers to dye materials that not only color through the selective absorption of visible light like conventional dyes and organic pigments, but also cause material changes by slight external energy such as light, heat, electric field, and pressure. Because of their characteristics, these dyes are widely used in the area of electronic information, such as display devices, energy conversion materials, and recording materials.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company started manufacturing Japan's first ion exchange resin that produces freshwater from seawater in 1944. We then established the foundation of our management and technology with synthetic dyes for fibers. Our Color Former business (pressure-sensitive and heat-sensitive dyes) was developed on the basis of this technology, and grew to gain the world's top share. (This business was transferred to another company.) This success led to the recent development and technology of functional dyes.
In our functional dye business we focus on developing characteristic dyes as an R&D company. We promote unique product development in a niche field to meet needs in the environment, energy, optics, and electronics markets. Only a limited number of companies possess functional dye products and technologies. We meet customer needs and are also deeply engaged in product development. This is done by continuing to maintain our advantage in the scarcity and superiority of our technology. Our company also functions as a trading firm by making use of our experience in directly importing chemicals as raw materials. We select better-quality chemicals from the viewpoint of a manufacturer and provide products with stable quality.

[Business description]
Functional dye manufacturing and sales: We propose optimal functional dyes to meet customer needs in the environment, energy, optics, and electronics fields.
Manufacturing and sales of synthetic dyes for fibers: We offer high-quality acid mordant dyes for wool and nylon, and they have won the trust of customers around the world. Transmission prevention (preventing surreptitious photography) and high heat absorbency are attracting attention as new functions of dyes.
Consignment manufacturing: We design a wide range of formulations from small quantities (grams) to large volumes (tons) to help customers supply products stably. This is done by making use of the synthesizing and refining technologies we have cultivated so far.

Chemical industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
The dye synthesis technologies and know-how we have accumulated since the beginning of our history are the advantages of our products and technologies. They are also the motive force for our functional dye development. Functional dyes include specific wavelength absorbing dyes that selectively absorb specific wavelengths of light, photochromic materials, and luminescent materials. Our functional dyes are used as key materials for components of various electric products essential for modern society, such as optical filters and organic ELs (OLEDs) for displays.
Our full-time staff find out the customer’s requested specifications and propose optimal functional dyes. We manufacture products under our unique quality management system. We supply products with stable quality through processes from raw material reception to manufacturing process management, product inspection, and shipping.

[Representative's message]
Our company focuses on developing functional dyes by making use of our long-cultivated organic synthesis technologies. Functional dyes are indispensable products for a convenient life in our highly advanced modern society. They are important products that provide invisible support for articles from electronic products to automotive heat-shielding materials. Their uses will be further extended and make products even more useful. We will proceed with our business activities by making use of the products we develop and our unique technologies. We will do this to meet customer requests and to assist the lives of people all over the world.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The development department is in charge of R&D and sales. This department is organized in three sections: the color materials section, development section, and consignment section. We have a sales system integrated from sales and R&D and can meet customer requests quickly. We make use of our technical power to meet customer needs from product development and sales to after-sales care. We also have a wealth of experience in exporting chemical products.

[Market share/Ranking]
Acid mordant dyes: One-third of the domestic Japanese market.
FPD optical filters: Industrial standard.
Color Former: World's top share (business transferred in 2011).

[Awards and media coverage]
300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs 2009; 100 Vibrant Kansai Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Enterprises 2009, The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency;
The 61st Chemical Technology Award, The Kinki Chemical Society (2008).

Journal of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, "Kyo Business Review" (July and August 2014 issues); National Museum of Nature and Science, History of Important Chemical Technology: Future Engineering Heritage, "Industrial Production of Japan's First Ion Exchange Resins" (FY2015).

[Joint research and development]
Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program: Luminescent materials/organic ELs (OLEDs); Specific wavelength absorbing dyes/ dye sensitized solar cells (DSCs).Innovative Member Technology Development Project Using the Micro Reaction Field: Micro reactor technology.
Ricoh Co., Ltd.: Electrochromic materials; electronic paper.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Provision of fiber dyes: Nagase-OG Colors and Chemicals Co., Ltd., Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd., The Japan Textile Wool Co., Ltd., Sotoh Corporation, Gunze Limited, Marubeni Chemix Corporation, Toyobo Co., Ltd., etc.Provision of functional dyes: Major manufacturers and trading firms in various fields, such as filters, films, glass, lenses, inks, toners, LEDs, OLEDs, epoxy resins, electronic devices, stationery, and chemistry.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have done business with manufacturers in Italy, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Vietnam, and Mexico, in the following fields.Provision of fiber dyes: Major fiber manufacturers.Provision of functional dyes: Major manufacturers of the same fields as the Japanese manufacturers listed above.

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