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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:43:10

Matsubishi Denki Co., Ltd.

Our main waterproof socket product is installed in Antarctic research vessels.

We have been a lighting equipment and lighting equipment parts manufacturer since our establishment in 1969. Our company mainly manufactures and sells waterproof sockets. We have made use of our accumulated insights and experience on waterproof sockets to establish original technologies that help reduce product size, weight, and cost. Products that incorporate these sockets have also fueled our growth. Our products have been adopted in large tankers (200,000-plus tons), large cargo ships, and Antarctic research vessels, in addition to the tunnels along Sanyo Line of the Shinkansen bullet train. We recently developed an easily attachable and detachable socket for department store display windows, and this product is also showing growth in sales. Our domestic Japanese customers include NEC Lighting, Toshiba Lighting & Technology, and Mitsubishi Electric. 

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[Company strength]
We particularly focus on waterproof socket technology, which we have been nurturing since our establishment. We are also trying to develop new markets by actively proposing possible applications of our technologies and researching market needs. This is a niche field, but our biggest strength is that we can provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of industries as Japan’s only dedicated waterproof socket manufacturer.

[Business description]
Our company was born in 1969 as a waterproof socket manufacturer. We have been dedicated to technology development while responding to market needs ever since our establishment. We established a solid sales force with a small number of employees in our early days, and our efforts paid off. Our products were adopted in all the tunnels along the Sanyo Line of the Shinkansen bullet train when it opened, which put us in the limelight. The shipbuilding division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries placed orders for our parts because of that success, and our products were installed in 80% of their ships built in Japan. Our parts were also used in large tankers (200,000-plus tons) and cargo ships, as well as in Antarctic research vessels, and we received high evaluations for our technology. Recently we developed and designed a special socket for lighting devices for use in department store display windows. This socket can be easily attached and detached with a single action, which makes it easy for users to replace lamps. This product is now used in major department stores and famous brand stores. 

Lighting equipment parts manufacturing and distribution

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company’s strength lies in the fact that we can complete small-lot production in a short time by molding the parts in-house. We can reduce the size, weight, and cost of product in a way that is difficult to achieve for other companies. This is because of the combination of our original waterproofing technologies. This includes technologies for welding plastics by ultrasonic waves, and spot welding between wire and copper terminals, which had been regarded as impossible. These technologies can be applied to a wide range of needs, and that is our company’s strength.

[Representative's message]
The rapid spread of LED lighting has put us in a difficult situation. However, I believe we can have the largest share of the waterproof socket market once we finish modifying our products for LEDs, because this is a unique field. The trend toward large-scale vegetable factories will surely accelerate. We will bring our high-speed growth technology to perfection to enable a stable supply of vegetables. This is an industry that could lead to the reuse of dormant factories and the revitalization of regional industrial parks, as well as an increase in Japan’s food self-sufficiency ratio. This is why it is being promoted by both the public and private sectors. Major companies are entering this field one after another, and some of them have even placed orders for 40,000 LEDs for each plant. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has been very responsive to current and possible needs in the field ever since our establishment. These efforts have allowed our small-scale company to acquire 80% of this specific market. There is still a large amount room for growth considering the efficient use of resources. We will increase our participation in exhibitions and business matching meetings. We will this to ensure that our offerings are widely recognized and utilized in a variety of fields. At the same time we will actively develop emerging markets where resources can be utilized more efficiently. These are the items we are advancing with in our medium-term plan.   

[Market share/Ranking]
Our slim tube shelf lighting equipment has the largest share of the domestic Japanese market (80%).

[Awards and media coverage]
Our shatterproof energy-saving fluorescent light bulb (S&E-Guard) received the Kanagawa Global Environment Award.

S&E-Guard has been featured in the Kanagawa Shimbun and Tokyo Shimbun.

Acquired PSE certification (as defined by the Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law). 

[Joint research and development]
The one-touch attachable/detachable socket and shatterproof energy-saving fluorescent light bulb that we developed are registered utility models. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
NEC Lighting; Toshiba Lighting & Technology; Yamagata Plant, Odelic; Mitsubishi Electric; Hoshizaki Electric.

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