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Our company is a pioneer of in-mold forming and other screen printing applied technologies, such as capacitive switches, membrane switches, and Makie lacquerware stickers. We have an electronic equipment division for developing control boards on consignment. Our company is attractive because we take on turnkey orders from controller internal parts to decorations.

Most of our customers are machine manufacturers, so we have a strong system for high-mix low-volume production of not more than 50 pieces. We deliver products at quick turnarounds under our integrated in-house production system from printing to punching, electrical inspection, and appearance inspection.

Our company has an electronic equipment division covering from board circuit and software design to mass production, which is rare in the printing industry. Machine and electronic equipment manufacturers find us very useful because of this division. It mainly develops and mass-produces controllers and inspection equipment on consignment. This division has strengths in motor control, and particularly ultra-high-speed synchronous control based on FPGA applied technology that cannot be achieved with PLC.

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Screen-printed capacitive touch switches
Our company developed a technology to manufacture capacitive touch switches by screen printing. This technology has enabled even prototyping and small-volume production at low cost. We could solve the issues of the long lead times and high costs involved in the conventional method using ITO films.
Our products can be used even on quadric surfaces not supported by ITO films. They make a wide range of designs applicable to home electronics appliances and other items utilizing curves. The switch part lets LED light through, so the design becomes beautiful and stimulates the intention to buy. The structure has all the switch functions under a design panel. There is no physical burden, so the switch has overwhelming durability compared with a tact switch. We can satisfy even quick delivery orders with our integrated in-house production system. Our products allow you to get creative with high added value such as slide switches and navigation.
Many orders that we receive include decorative parts made of acryl and other materials, but we accept orders for capacitive sensors only. Feel free to contact us.
Membrane switches
Our membrane switches are thin, lightweight, and very functional. (They are not thicker than about 1 mm even when a decorative top sheet is included.) The switches are thin, so you can stick them where they are easy to operate. Simply connect the switches to boards for use. Their great convenience means that our membrane switches are widely used for medical equipment, weighing equipment, and controllers.
Switch faults decrease drastically because the products do not have many mechanical parts. A metal dome is built in to give a clicking feeling like a tact switch. An LED can be mounted despite the thin structure. The water-resistance, dust-proof, anti-noise, and chemical resistance characteristics can be improved according to the use environment.
We are happy to take on small-volume production orders. We can deliver products at quick turnarounds under our integrated production system. Our company can manufacture even key sheets (top sheets) to be affixed to the top. We manufacture both membrane switches and top sheets on request and deliver them affixed together, but of course you can purchase membrane switches alone. You can consign control board development to our company because we have an electronic equipment division.
FPGA applied technology
"FPGA" allows the hardware (logic circuits) to be customized at any time, unlike a dedicated board using ASIC or the like. FPGA has many logic blocks arranged on an IC in a lattice pattern. They can produce the same functions as various electronic parts when the logic blocks are connected by programming and instructions are given. This is how the hardware can be customized.
[Cost reduction by customizing our products]  
FPGA enables specification changes, so we can customize the FPGAs in our products for customer-requested control. We recommend this customization because it features lower costs than board manufacturing from scratch.
*We design and manufacture dedicated FPGA boards for use in customer products or if customers request size reduction.
[Examples of development]
Cutting machine, free-form surface system, compact 80-axis controller, electronic-cam flocking machine, large telescope auto implementation system, inkjet head high-speed control system, industrial sewing machine, woodworking machine, 3D acceleration sensor adjustment device, ultrasonic data collection device, and so on.

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