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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:19:12

Tottori Kinzoku Netsusyori Cooperative Partnerships

We are spreading our heat treatment technology throughout Japan from Yonago City to give life to iron.

We are a metal heat treatment organization consisting of 60 member companies in Tottori Prefecture. We make use of various heat treatment furnaces to conduct heat treatment such as quenching for articles supplied by metalworking companies in Tottori Prefecture and elsewhere. We cover the whole heat treatment field including vacuum, carbonization, high-frequency, and nitridation treatment, and incorporating original technology such as carbonized and nitrided quenching processing that prevents cracks during welding. Our advantages include trial manufacturing and small lot processing. Our goal is to achieve the world’s top level of heat treatment quality by applying our own management system. This includes acquiring ISO certification, developing human resources, and making use of IT. We hope to make optimal proposals on heat treatment technology in order to realize competitive quality, cost, and quick delivery.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We were the first in the heat treatment industry to acquire ISO 9002 (now ISO 9001) certification. We acquired ISO 14001 certification in 2000 (second in the heat treatment industry). We also acquired OHSAS 1800 certification in 2005 (first in the heat treatment industry) for our occupational health and safety management system. Our current goal is to acquire ISO 9100 certification. We have 24 certified heat treatment technicians (15 special-level technicians, five Class I technicians, and four Class II technicians). Five of our experts have been certified as highly skilled technicians by Tottori Prefecture (Tottori Meister certification). We have our own original management system. We have advantages in developing all-round technicians, levelling the corporate organization, an education system, promotion of IT, and an open personnel system.

[Business description]
Our cooperative association was founded as the Tottori Prefecture Metal Heat Treatment Cooperative Association, and was later reorganized as a cooperative union to enhance its nature as an enterprise. We now have 60 member companies. Metal heat treatment is a crucial process in which mechanical features necessary for machinery and metal products are applied. This includes strength, hardness, and toughness. Metal heat treatment is applied to construction machine parts, OA equipment, and home electronics appliances, including aircraft parts and automobile parts, and applied to molds used in manufacturing these products. We now receive orders from more than 600 clients, from the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kinki regions to the Kanto and Tohoku regions, including Tottori and Shimane prefectures.

Metal heat treatment

[Strength of products/technologies]
We cover almost all areas of heat treatment including vacuum heat treatment, gas carbonization heat treatment, vacuum carbonization heat treatment, high-frequency heat treatment, plasma nitridation, and gas nitridation. We possess a number of original treatment technologies. These include TORINITE-S (gas nitridation that does not degrade corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties) and TORISOFT-G (carbonization and nitridation quenching that does not cause breakage during welding after processing). We also offer TORISOFT-V (low-distortion quenching achieved by controlling cooling with simulation) and TORIQUENCH-N (new heat treatment that obtains martensitic articles with nitrogen without requiring carbon), and so on.

[Representative's message]
Heat treatment is a technology that supports shaped raw materials, and is applied to mechanically processed parts. We do not independently sell this original technology to customers in the form of parts or products, but we recognize it is a crucial technology indispensable to supporting industry. We want to send our heat treatment technology out from Yonago City in order to offer competitive quality, cost, and delivery times for our customers’ machining parts.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Respective on-site leaders respond to inquiries from customers requiring quick deliveries in our ordinary sales activities. The managing director, engineering section manager, manufacturing section manager, and R&D section chief will handle transactions that require new technology, trial manufacturing, and so on. We conduct in-house processing in Japan and export articles through trading companies and our clients.

[Awards and media coverage]
The Japan Society for Heat Treatment, Technology Management Prize (Akami Prize) for Hideto Watanabe (2006), and Technology Encouragement Prize for Hidefumi Mada (2010); 2013 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize, at the 2014 National Federation of Small Business Associations commemorative ceremony.

NHK Tottori, “Ichioshi News Tottori: Entry into the Aircraft Industry (December 4, 2015); Factory Management Monthly, “From Tottori! Regional Revitalization Strategy with Monozukuri Craftsmanship (December 19, 2015).

Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 1800 certification. 
Special process authorization (by aircraft companies M and K).

[Joint research and development]
Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program: Extension of mold life with surface modification (FY2009); research on precision control and mass production technology for gear quenched layers for next-generation transmissions (FY2010).

[Intellectual property]
Registered Japanese Patent: Manufacturing Method for Visible Light Response-Type Optical Catalyst.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We take charge of heat treatment for newly developed steel from Hitachi Metals Metallurgical Research Laboratory.

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