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Latest update: 14/01/2020 14:19:33

RYOKO Industry Co., Ltd.

We are expanding our business based on the twin pillars of powder processors and environmental equipment.

We manufacture industrial machines, and we are expanding our business in Japan and abroad. We mainly manufacture air blow feeders for moist and dry powder, powder mixers, crushers, blenders, and environmental equipment. We have many customers in Japan, including major companies such as Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JFE Steel, and Asahi Glass. We have exported our products to Palau, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the USA. Our air blow feeder was jointly developed with another private company. This patented conveyor is capable of transporting even moist powder, which used to be impossible. We are promoting sales of this product together with our unique equipment for composting organic waste.


[Product description] Features: Our air blow feeder can stably transport even moist powder, which is difficult for an ordinary pneumatic transporter to convey. The transport pressure and concentration can be freely set to high or low according to the transport item. Everything can be transported a long distance with pneumatic pressure of two kilograms per square centimeter or lower. Our technology even enables transport from a centrifugal hydro-extractor or slurry transport. The feeder can easily be cleaned by transporting water for washing and then air for drying. This device is compact because it does not use much air. This is a complete discharge type that leaves nothing inside the device. The feeder can be selected from a continuous transport type, batch type, and batch continuous type for free planning according to the purpose of use. Measured transport is also supported to convey an item to several destinations. Closed-circuit transport exhibits its effects on quality management, workplace environment improvement, and cost reduction. The feeder can even be installed in an existing factory that does not have much space left. [Market share/Ranking] (1) About 350 units in Japan and nearly 20 units overseas. (2) Pneumatic transport of moist powder: We are the world’s only company with this technology available. [Authorization/Certification] Visited by Prime Minister Obuchi (October 1998); Certified on the basis of the Act for the Promotion of New Business Activities by Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (March 1999); started testing and research to improve the pneumatic transport flow of moist powder with a subsidy for technical improvement from Nagasaki Prefecture (June 1999); Excellent Product Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (The Japan Cross-industry Cooperation Association) (December 2002). [Intellectual property] We acquired a patent in 1998 in a joint application with DIASALT Co., Ltd. (Japanese Patent No. 7771772). We are preparing for a patent application with modified items because the original patent has expired. [Major facilities and equipment] (1) Total area of factory and office site: 2,300 square meters. (2) Factory: W = 15 m × L = 30 m × H = 10 m; W = 15 m × L = 40 m × H = 10 m. (3) Traveling cranes: 4 (2.5 tons). (4) Shearing machine: 1 (6 tons, 3 m). (5) Hydraulic press: 1 (200 tons). (6) Radial drilling machine: 1. (7) Upright drilling machines: 2. (8) Engine lathe (about 120 cm): 1. (9) Argon welders: 3. (10) Carbon dioxide gas welders: 3. (11) Plasma cutter: 1. (12) Trucks: 2 (2-ton; mini). (13) Bending roller: 1. (14) Compressors: 2 (22 kW; 5.5 kW). (15) Test machines for the pneumatic transport of moist powder: 3 (10 tons/hour; 4 tons/hour; 1 ton/hour). (16) Cutting mill test machine for crusher: 1. (17) Ball mill test machine for crusher: 1.


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