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Sanko Hamono Co., Ltd.

We are a cutter and cutting tool manufacturer that responds to needs for new materials. 

We are an industrial cutter and cutting tool manufacturer that operates both in Japan and overseas. Our company offers products to a wide range of industries, such as construction materials, transportation equipment, dies, and sporting goods. We have also entered the aircraft and medical device markets in recent years. Our customers include Kanefusa and many other domestic Japanese companies. Our products are also exported to a company in Portugal. We accept orders for small-lot high-mix production. We can manufacture cemented carbide solid tools with diameters anywhere between 1 and 42, and our brazing tools can be as large as diameter 350 depending on your needs. We have satisfied needs for different materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), aramid, and Kevlar to increase sales. 

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[Company strength]
Sanko Hamono Co., Ltd. manufactures various cutting tools for many industries. Small lot and various types production is available. Variation includes carbide tools with diameter of 1 mm - 42 mm, and brazing tools with diameter under 350 mm. Based on your request, machine and process conditions, and material information, we will develop our proposal with tool designing and specification development. Speedy prototype development is available from seven to ten days for some tool types. Using high-precision machines, we manufacture and finish tools with accuracy. Equipped with satisfying quality test facilities, we provide with high-quality cutting tools. Sanko Hamono Co., Ltd. offers repair services of cutting tools including regrinding, restoration and re-brazing. Please consult us with your request of desired specification and delivery period.

Our company manufactures various cutting tools for a wide range of industries, and we accept orders for small-lot high-mix production. We can manufacture cemented carbide solid tools with diameters anywhere between 1 and 42, while our brazing tools can be as large as diameter 350. We will immediately initiate the tool design and development phases before making a proposal. This is done once an order is placed, machine specifications are finalized, machining conditions and the work are determined, and so on. A prototype will be ready in 7 to 10 days. We have high-precision machines and inspection systems in place to ensure a high-precision finish in actual production. We also have a repair department that offers regrinding, regeneration, and re-brazing for tools. Please consult us if you have any questions regarding cost reduction, quality of finish, issues with lead time, and so on. 

[Business description]
1. Development, manufacturing and sale of industrial cutters, drills and end mills
2. Repair, restoration, brazing, regrinding of industrial cutting tools
3. Various coating services
4. Manufacturing of jigs and specific precision machine parts

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells industrial cutters and cutting tools. We also repair, regenerate, re-braze, and regrind industrial cutters and cutting tools, in addition to providing coating services and jig, tool, and machine part manufacturing. 

Manufacturing and sale of industrial cutters and cutting tools.Industrial cutter and cutting tool manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Sanko Hamono Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures various types of special cutting tools for industries including woodworking, resin fabrication and metalworking. These cutting tools are used in many manufacturing processes such as for building materials, transportation structures, industrial molds and sports goods. Furthermore, we challenge new industries such as aviation and medical fields as our new focused development. Many of new inquiries includes tool requests of new materials (carbon and glass composites). Basic issues includes burr-edge control, delamination, tool life enhancement, and we provide proposals depending on your budget. Special coating service is also available for anti-abrasion and for other issues.

Our company manufactures a wide variety of special cutting tools and industrial cutters, including articles for wood, resin, and metals. This allows us to get involved in the manufacturing processes of various industries such as construction materials, transportation equipment, dies, and sporting goods. We have been focused on cutters for the aircraft and medical device industries in recent years. Many customers ask us about how we deal with machining new, composite materials. There are some issues associated with CFRP composite material, aramid, and Kevlar composite material, such as how to prevent fluff, flaking and burrs, and the tool’s service life. We will suggest optimal solutions based on your budget and other considerations. We can also apply a special coating to our tools to resist wear and abrasion. 

[Representative's message]
Sanko Hamono Co., Ltd. recently focuses on development and research on cutting tools for CFRP composite materials, which are known as difficult-to-cut materials, and more inquiries are coming in. We actively participate in overseas exhibitions and are glad to accept inquiries from who are interested in our tool development. We have introduced new facilities, in 2015, such as a high-powered microscope and a high-speed camera that are necessary to analyze more complex behavior of cutting tools in order to speed up development of the latest cutting tools.  Also for production facility, the latest NCN forming grinder and aerolapping mirror polishing grinder have set up in order to meet the demand of cutting tools with higher accuracy.

We have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about CFRP composite material, which is a difficult-to-machine material, so we are putting more resources into R&D efforts regarding this. These efforts have been paying off, and a visitor to our booth at an overseas exhibition asked us to develop products for them as a result. Reducing R&D cycle time is another focus in our company. We plan to introduce high-powered microscopes and high-speed cameras so that our tools are developed and delivered in the shortest possible time. We will also introduce new CNC molding and grinding machines and aero lap mirror surface polishing machines to prepare for needs related to higher-precision cutting tools.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Experienced staff will offer services on your request. We participate in overseas exhibitions such as Paris Airshow and Aeromart as we especially focus on CFRP drills and end mills development for aviation industry. Currently, we tie up with a language support service for English communications and deepen relationships with overseas clients. Utilizing consulting communication sheets for technical discussion, we offer same services for foreign market as for domestic clients. We will recruit in-house global sales contact in future in order to develop these services.

Our experienced staff respond to customer inquiries. We have been focused on special drill development for CFRP composite material in recent years, and this material is used in the aircraft industry. This is why we participate in Paris Air Show and other overseas exhibitions. We have no English-speaking staff in-house, but we have external staff who can handle inquiries in English, and they are quite familiar with our business. We try to have meetings with overseas companies in the same way that we do with our domestic Japanese customers. We use a cutting tool consultation worksheet for overseas customers, and we will cultivate global human resources in the company.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Media] Nikkei, Nikkan Kogyo shimbun, Mid-Japan Economist


Nikkei newspaper; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Mid-Japan Economist. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
[Direct] KANEFUSA Corporation, Nagoya Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.[Indirect] From SMEs to major companies' OEMs and business via cutting tools trade companiesDirect delivery: Kanefusa.Indirect delivery: Many companies of various sizes through tool trading companies and grinding service providers.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
[Direct] TAP Maintenance and Engineering, Hai Minh Engineering Co., Ltd.[Indirect] OEMs and business via trade companiesDirect delivery: TAP Maintenance & Engineering (Portugal).Indirect delivery: Some overseas companies through trading companies and manufacturers. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
[Overseas] Paris Air Show 2015, Aeromart Toulouse 2014, 2012

Paris Air Show 2015; Aeromart Toulouse 2014, 2012.

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