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Latest update: 14/04/2022 14:28:02

UPCON Co., Ltd.

We are pursuing full-scale global expansion using our unique technique to repair the deformed concrete ground. 

Our company is engaged in civil engineering and construction works. The core technology making our business expansion possible is the UPCON method- it allows the concrete floor that has been deformed due to land subsidence or any other cause to be lifted up in very short time without the removal or demolition of floor. We have many contracts with the government and private
sectors.  Our customers consist of Tokyo Airport Development Office of the Kanto Regional Development Bureau, East Nippon Expressway Company, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and major construction companies like
Shimizu Corporation, Kajima Corporation and the like. We have started taking orders as well from overseas countries (such as South Korea). We have
completed 2,900 contracts successfully since the establishment in 2003, and we continue to expand our business scope.  It is urgent that we enhance
human resources and other aspects in order to develop overseas operations.


[Product description] Small hole is drilled into an existing concrete slab that has been sunken due to ground subsidence or any other cause. Then urethane resin is injected through the hole. The inclined floor is then pushed back up to its original level by the form generation- expansion force. ●Quick operation- required time is only 1/10 of conventional method (concrete replacement), curing unnecessary, the floor can be used at short times. ●Continuation of business operations- temporary removal or relocation of machines are unnecessary. ●Environmentally friendly- less than 90% or less CO2 emissions (compared to concrete replacement method), completely CFC or alternative CFC-free (no CFC emission), almost no noise, dust or vibration is generated. [Market share/Ranking] UPCON accounts for 50% of the market for subsidence correction using urethane resin in Japan. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, NETIS [Intellectual property] Patents registered: Ground Improvement Method (Japanese Patent No. 5227085); Soil Improvement Method and Greening Method (Japanese Patent No. 5813969). Utility model registration: Dust Collector (Japanese Utility Model No. 3164895). [Major facilities and equipment] Six medium-sized trucks (each loaded with a set of equipment and materials necessary for construction).