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Latest update: 14/04/2022 14:28:02

UPCON Co., Ltd.

We are pursuing full-scale global expansion using our unique technique to repair the deformed concrete ground. 

Our company is engaged in civil engineering and construction works. The core technology making our business expansion possible is the UPCON method- it allows the concrete floor that has been deformed due to land subsidence or any other cause to be lifted up in very short time without the removal or demolition of floor. We have many contracts with the government and private
sectors.  Our customers consist of Tokyo Airport Development Office of the Kanto Regional Development Bureau, East Nippon Expressway Company, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and major construction companies like
Shimizu Corporation, Kajima Corporation and the like. We have started taking orders as well from overseas countries (such as South Korea). We have
completed 2,900 contracts successfully since the establishment in 2003, and we continue to expand our business scope.  It is urgent that we enhance
human resources and other aspects in order to develop overseas operations.

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Sales Pitch

Upcon method for subsidence correction and gap filling
Creating "Thank You" with Unique Technology
The main feature is that the method can correct sunken concrete plates and fill the cavities and gaps directly underneath in a short time, without interrupting the customer's operations and businesses. The low environmental impact is another reason that customers choose the Upcon method.
Short construction period
Compared with the conventional concrete rebuilding method that requires dismantling and curing, it can be completed in one-tenth of the usual time, and does not need a large plant installed at the site. Since you do not need to move the load, you can finish the concrete structure without stopping, which is the main characteristic of this method.
Good for the environment
This method can minimize economic loss. For example, you can maintain the operation rate for a factory, or avoid losing loyal customers for a shop. Moreover, since it does not involve dismantlement, there will be no dust or industrial waste, making it environmentally friendly.
(Compared with conventional methods, it reduces CO2 emission by 90% or more (third party calculation))
Joint research and development
Tokyo City University: Joint development concerning ground improvement and earthquake countermeasure reinforcement. 
Chiba University: Joint development concerning soil improvement. 
Pressurized urethane filling to restore tunnel functions for agricultural water channels: FRT Method ( 
A four-company group formed by UPCON, Achilles Corporation, Okasan Livic Co., Ltd., and GEO Design Inc. has conducted R&D with the cooperation of Shimane University and Ishikawa Prefectural University.
Awards and media coverage
Low CO2 Kawasaki Pilot Land '11; ASPA Awards 2009 Excellence Prize; Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year JAPAN 2006; and six other awards. 

National newspapers (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, and Yomiuri Shimbun); TV programs (JNN TBS "Next Door," FNN Fuji TV "FNN Super News"); and many others.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, NETIS
Intellectual property
Patents registered: Ground Improvement Method (Japanese Patent No. 5227085); Soil Improvement Method and Greening Method (Japanese Patent No. 5813969).
Utility model registration: Dust Collector (Japanese Utility Model No. 3164895)
Main Clients / Business History (domestic)
Tokyo Airport Construction Office, Kanto Regional Development Bureau (repairing pavement); East Nippon Expressway Company (filling apertures and clearing level differences); Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA (filling apertures); Shimizu Corporation (correcting subsidence); Kajima Corporation (correcting subsidence); and many other public works and work for major construction companies.
Main Clients / Business History (overseas)
Packaging material manufacturing factory in Korea (subsidence correction, 2013).
Garment sewing factory in Vietnam(subsidence correction, 2019).

Other presentation

[Company strength]
After the foundation in 2003, having completed more than 2,900 projects, our method of quick correction without interruption on the business has satisfied many customers. We do not consider our achievement was only for its great contribution to the society; but also for providing reassurance and gaining trust, as we have obtained ISO9001 certifitcation for quality management, and ISO14001 certification for environmental management. We are launching newly developed soil improvement materials focused on environmental protection as an achievement in R&D activity.

[Business description]
Civil engineering and construction works: We are extending the UPCON method throughout Japan. This technology quickly corrects concrete floor that has subsided due to ground subsidence or any other cause without demolition or removal. We inject our unique hard urethane resin directly under the subsided concrete floor to push it back to the original position by  foam pressure under the floor. This is mainly applied to factories, warehouses, stores, and schools, but it has also been adopted for many public projects such as roads, harbors, and airports. We lift subsided floors up, and also fill underfloor apertures generated by ground-only subsidence.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Conventional concrete replacement methods take time for demolition, removal, and curing. Our method takes as little as one-tenth the time compared with these methods, because it is not necessary to install a large plant or move furnishings. The greatest feature of our method is that the work can be conducted without interrupting business. This technology minimizes economic loss by allowing a factory to maintain its ordinary usual working ratio, and for a store not to lose customers. This is also an environmentally friendly technology that produces hardly any industrial waste or dust because demolition or removal are not necessary.
(Comparison with conventional methods: CO2 emission down 90% or more (calculated by a third-party organization).)

[Representative's message]
We believe that the technical power and environmental protection efforts that we have accumulated in Japan will also be accepted outside Japan. Our technical power features high construction speed and good finishing quality. Speed and quality are contrary qualities, but we achieved both by continuously working hard without compromise. We have received several inquiries from overseas. We consider these to be good opportunities, we and have been working hard to meet their requests. We have a strong desire to solve problems for people all over the world with our activities.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company was established in Kanagawa Science Park in 2003 to be an R&D company that makes a great contribution to society. The company was initiated by the president alone, but we now have a labor force of over 40. In 2014 our company employed an engineer proficient in consideration of future overseas expansion. We plan to make this employee capable of directly communicating with overseas companies through technical education and by accumulating experience. Our technical department has experience in transporting equipment overseas and also exporting materials. Some of our staff have experience in overseas construction. Our company representative also has extensive experience in overseas business and in giving priority to activities for overseas expansion. We are establishing an in-house system based on human resources and experience under top-down guidance.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a 50% of the Japanese market for subsidence correction using urethane resin.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ