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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:38:38

Hirano Seiki Kougyou Co., Ltd.

Our products are used in various fields, from plants to restaurants, for crushing bagged content without breaking the bag.

Our business consists of canning, plumbing, and construction of plant equipment such as machines. Our main focus is on plumbing and machine maintenance for various canning products, including primary crushers and labeling machines. We particularly excel at product development. We created KUDAKI-TARO, a machine that crushes bagged content without breaking the bag, and other useful products for related fields. Our machine can reshape deformed bags into a uniform thickness, so it can also deal with bags with soft content. This machine has been widely adopted in the manufacturing sector, and also in fisheries, agriculture, restaurants, retail, and other industries. It enhances productivity by reducing labor cost. We conduct research on the state of crushing with the Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture. 


[Product description] Our KUDAKI-TARO 3D Series is equipped with a lateral mechanism for crushing the sides in the longitudinal direction, which was impossible with the existing KUDAKI-TARO. This machine eliminates the necessity of crushing work that was previously conducted by workers who knelt down and manually crushed bagged content leaning against a wall. It is suitable for crushing bagged consolidated materials, such as resin pellets, rubber pellets, and other elastic materials.