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Latest update: 04/06/2021 11:10:07

NST Co., Ltd.

We develop and manufacture inspection and measuring machines, controllers, and labor-saving machines.

Our company has been developing and providing various inspection and measuring machines, controllers, and unattended labor-saving machines since our foundation in 1985. We serve the fields of automobiles, aerospace, chemistry, medicine, semiconductors, agriculture, and so on. We have confidence in our measurement and inspection technologies. Engineers account for 70% of our staff, and they produce unique technologies that will lead to next-generation products. We develop products that meet the needs of user companies in each field, and we also produce unique devices such as measurement controllers, next-generation controllers, and compact 3D measuring units.


【Features】 ■ Installation angle measurable just by manually turning a motor. ■ Measurable with ± 0.1° precision. ■ Supports various types of motors and resolvers. ■ Storable cable to the main body makes portable and easy to carry. 【specification】 [Measured content] Phase difference between a motor and resolver. Current angle of a resolver. [Measurement accuracy] Within ± 0.1° *Repeated accuracy in the standard condition inour company’s standard environment. [Supported motors] No. of poles: 2 to 9 poles Inductive voltage: 100 V or less *No. of poles settable. [Supported resolvers] No. of axial double angle: 1 to 9 double angle Transformer ratio: 0.14 to 0.66 *No. of axis double angle settable. [Power supply] Single phase AC 100V to 240V 50/60Hz [External dimensions] W310mm×H320mm×D120mm [Weight] 3.5kg *Projected parts included. [Working environment] Temperature: 0 to 50°C Humidity: 15 to 85% *Accessories not included. [Accessories] Motor connection cable (Clip) Resolver connection cable (M4 round terminal) Electromagnetic brake connection cable (Clip) AC 100V power supply cable

■No need to reinstall wiring. ■No need to set measurement parameters for each measuring equipment. ■Automatic save of measurement results.

[Product description] This is a production site inspection unit that makes it possible for anyone to easily judge a sound or vibration level. This unit is dedicated to judgment to keep the price low, unlike conventional multifunctional analyzers. We create dedicated judgment software based on sample information from the customer and provide it after setting parameter measuring conditions. Customers can set their own parameter measuring conditions. The inspection unit detects abnormal sounds and vibrations of motors, engines, gears, and bearings. You can also use the unit to judge any kind of sound or noise and vibration. For inline use: Equipped with general-purpose I/O terminals for trigger signal input and judgment result output. Traceability: Storage of inspection data in USB memory. Capable of transferring data to external equipment via Ethernet.

■ELECTRIC SHOCK SIMULATOR(KT-100) Simulating Electric Shock and Understanding Body Resistance. ■SPINNING ROLLERS SIMULATOR(RT-100) Simulating Getting Caught By Spinning Rollers. ■CHAIN AND SPROCKET SIMULATOR(CT-100) Simulating Getting Caught Between Chain and Sprocket ■VEE VELT AND PULLEY SIMULATOR(VT-100) Simulating Getting Caught Between Vee Velt and Pulley. ■AIR CYLINDER ROD SIMULATOR(AT-100) Simulating Being Struck By Air Cylinder Rod. ■BENCH DRILLING MACHINES SIMULATOR(BT-100) Simulation of getting caught by rotation of a drill.