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Hibino Industry Co., Ltd.

We offer high-precision aluminum die cast parts that can help reduce the weight of automobiles.

Our company develops and manufactures high-quality, high-precision aluminum die cast parts for automobiles. The use of aluminum parts is expected to increase in automobiles and other industries where iron is increasingly being replaced by non-ferrous metals to make parts lightweight. Our plant in Aichi Prefecture produces both large die cast parts (such as automobile transmission cases), and mid-sized and small parts through casting, machining, and various other manufacturing processes. Our China plants are intended for local subsidiaries of Japanese manufacturers, and provide integrated casting, machining, and appearance finishing. 

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[Company strength]
Our Japanese plants offer a wide range of manufacturing services (such as casting and machining) for die cast parts, regardless of the size. Our plants in China (in two locations) provide services to Japanese manufacturers that have entered the Chinese market. Our Shanghai site opened in 2001. It uses 25 units of die cast machines (up to 800-ton), and offers machining and appearance finishing (for electric machining tools). Our Changshu site is within an hour’s drive north of Shanghai, and opened in 2014. It mainly handles auto parts, and provides casting and other processing. This plant currently operates with 13 die cast machines (maximum 800 tons), although we plan to have 45 units in the future.

[Business description]
Our plants in Japan handle die cast production using large machines (2,250-ton, 1 unit; 1,650-ton, 5 units; 1,250-ton, 1 unit), and mid-sized and small machines (800-ton, 250-ton, 125-ton). They provide machining and assembly for small to medium-sized die castings, including long parts and rack housing, and gravity die casting (tilting type, 7 units) and aluminum sand mold casting. We have two plants in China, in Shanghai and Changshu, which operate under an integrated production system covering casting, machining, and appearance finishing.

Non-ferrous metal manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company has a total of 21 units (250-ton, 1,650-ton, and 2,250-ton) in-house to offer die castings in various sizes. We also provide machining services for medium-size to small parts (including long parts and rack housings). We manufacture highly reliable die cast parts. This is done using a Toshiba Machine DXHV350CL-T (for semi-hot chamber electromagnetic pump water heating, horizontal securing and vertical casting, laminar flow filling, high-pressure solidification, and liquid metal forging). We were also early to introduce electrostatic coating, oil releasing agents, and other new technologies to enhance quality and reduce costs. We have become even more focused on establishing die cast technology in recent years. This has involved providing scientific evaluation and evidence to support existing technologies that were derived from our past experience. We are trying to establish technologies to obtain more consistent quality. (We introduced a Micro Focus X-ray CT System in March 2015, which has a sampling stage of diameter 600 × height 600.) We have transferred the latest casting technologies to our Chinese plants. They can manufacture very difficult parts with the same high quality as our Japanese plants.

[Representative's message]
Our company commemorated its 70th anniversary in 2015. We will continue to follow our basic guiding principle of gradual expansion while aggressively pursuing opportunities when the time comes. Our management philosophy is to think deeply before acting, according to our company motto of creation and practice. This is so we can make further improvements based on a clear recognition of what was good or bad. We believe in winning peoples’ hearts and minds and strong leadership. We will continue our highly valued manufacturing practice within our group companies in Japan and overseas, so please continue to support us.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We actively respond to technical inquiries from potential customers through close cooperation between our Japanese and Chinese plants. We anticipate further increases in overseas production. This is why we have positioned our head office plant as a mother factory, and actively hire and train employees in technology fields. We will continue to dispatch engineers to transfer original techniques and technologies to our overseas plants. 

[Market share/Ranking]
There are few 1,650-ton and 2,250-ton die cast machines in Japan. Less than 100 units are operated by a few major die cast manufacturers. Only 13 of these units are possessed by SMEs, which indicates that it is rare for an SME like us to have 6 units (source: a study conducted in 2013). 

[Awards and media coverage]
Special Quality Award, High Quality Award, Excellent Quality Award, and Special Cost Award from Aisin AI. 

TV Tokyo, “News Morning Satellite,” as an SME entering the Chinese market (August 2013); Shanghai Ribi Yeyazhu was mentioned as a company actively focused on plant safety in a news program in China (2014).

ISO 9001; ISO 14001.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Aisin AI; Aisin Seiki; Makita; Asmo; Mitsubishi Electric; Aichi Tokei Denki; Denso; Toyota Industries; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Fuji Electric.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
(1) Our steering and rack housing parts are delivered to JTEKT, and then used by automobile manufacturers in China, as well as other companies.(2) Our electric power steering (EPS) motor cases are delivered to Nippon Densan, and then shipped to many manufacturers in Europe.(3) Our transmission cases are delivered to Aisin AI, and then shipped to Porsche and BMW.

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