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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:37:28

Yamada Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We offer one of the highest-quality hydraulic components in the field of agricultural and industrial machinery. 

The field of precision parts machining always requires high precision, and most manufacturers mainly use machining technology. However, precision grinding technology is highly evaluated because grinding can achieve higher precision than machining. Our company excels at manufacturing poppet valves, which are hydraulic components, and we conduct all the manufacturing processes other than thermal processing in-house. Our grinding method is called whetstone fabrication. This involves processing the component using an NC lathe, and then processing its jagged part once more using an NC cylindrical grinder. Tolerances in outside diameter, roundness, and concentricity are within 2.0 microns, which remain the same in mass production.


[Product description] Our company particularly excels at manufacturing hydraulic equipment components such as poppets and valve seats, and we conduct all manufacturing processes except thermal treatment in-house. Components are machined with NC lathes, and the ragged parts are then ground once with an NC cylindrical grinder (whetstone processing). The outer diameter dimensions, roundness, and concentricity are controlled to less than 2 microns, and the same precision applies to mass production. [Market share/Ranking] More than 70% of a major agricultural machinery manufacturer’s products are equipped with our poppets (hydraulic component). [Major facilities and equipment] NC cylindrical grinders (13 units); NC internal grinders (4 units); centerless grinders (3 units); NC double head grinder (1 unit); rotary grinder (1 unit); NC lathes (5 units); various measuring instruments.


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