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Latest update: 14/01/2020 14:19:26

Maruyama Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We have a track record in both domestic Japanese and overseas markets for delivering labor-saving equipment for newspaper agencies and other devices. 

We are a machinery manufacturer established in 1950. Our company manufactures labor-saving equipment for newspaper agencies, as well as metal parts for railcar movers and equipment for road and port use. Our products are sold to customers in various industrial fields including rubber, shipbuilding, food, apparel, and electric devices in Japan and abroad. Our main products are labor-saving equipment for newspaper agencies, such as newspaper insert collators and newspaper wrapping machines, which are designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in-house. In our metal processing business we can use robots and various other kinds of equipment to handle parts up to diameter 950 and 2,000 mm in length. We will satisfy various customer needs with the aim of expanding our business. 


Sales Pitch

Offering integrated production
Cutting and welding
We can complete multiple processes such as cutting (lathe, machining) and welding in-house due to our integrated production system.
From design to assembly and finish
When given a plan, we can proceed to integrated production encompassing mechatronics design/development, parts processing, and assembly up to completion.
Procurement and assembly
If given drawings for an already designed project, we can purchase the materials through our extensive partner network, and proceed to the assembly and completion phase.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our management policy specifies that we aim to be a strong, solid organization with positive thinking and transparency. We have implemented this policy in our actual operations. We encourage information sharing and job rotation within and among departments so we can always flexibly respond to departmental gaps and issues. Our group company and sales agency Kawakamikiko shares the same philosophy, so we are confident that customer requests are handled with sufficient care in both sales activities and follow-up. 

[Business description]
Our company designs, develops, and manufactures labor-saving equipment for newspaper agencies, such as newspaper insert collators and newspaper wrapping machines. We also offer metal processing and canning of various kinds of equipment including railcar movers and other equipment for road, port, or base isolation use. Our organization consists of our head office and factory (technology and assembly) and our Haruna Plant (machining, welding, canning). These sites closely collaborate to support customers with a wide range of needs. 


[Representative's message]
We were established in 1950 as a hydraulic device manufacturer. Our company has developed various technologies since then, and we started to focus on the trend of automation among newspaper agencies. We invented a groundbreaking paper feeding mechanism for newspaper insert collators. We continued our R&D in the field, and successfully developed labor-saving devices including automatic conveyers, automatic wrapping machines, and automatic vending machines. Our organization went through a major restructuring in 1976, and we separated out the sales division to form a separate sales agency. We intend to develop various products under this framework to satisfy the needs of the times. This is based on our technologies as a pioneer in manufacturing collators as well as metal parts and railcar movers. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have an arrangement for sales and follow-up with our group’s sales company Kawakamikiko to increase sales across a wide area. We also conduct our activities in other countries in partnership with Kawakamikiko. We set up a new department specialized in emerging businesses for domestic Japanese sales channel cultivation for our manufacturing department. This department plays a major role in sales activities such as participation in exhibitions, business talks, and website management as well as after-sales service. 

[Awards and media coverage]


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