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Javich Co., Ltd.

We are developing our business with a focus on manufacturing and importing testing equipment.

We are developing our business with a focus on testing equipment imports and sales as well as manufacturing and sales. In our import and sales business we became the exclusive Japanese agent of the US testing equipment manufacturer VIC, and the US vacuum device parts manufacturer VRC. In our testing equipment business we manufacture and sell our original JSA-014Mass air leak detector. This direct-reading type leak testing equipment does not use helium. We are working to cultivate new customers. We do business with NGK Spark Plug, Aisin Seiki, Fujitsu, and many other domestic Japanese companies. We also provide repair and maintenance support.

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[Company strength]
Our company is a leak testing professional group. We are developing our leak testing service by using various kinds of leak testing know-how. We are also expanding sales of various products for leak testing including helium leak testing equipment. It goes without saying that this service is suitable for customers who will introduce helium leak testing equipment or air leak testing equipment. It is also suitable for customers who want or need to perform leak value measurement and product evaluation for the use of equipment. This includes confirmation of the quality of small-lot products, and leak confirmation during development and evaluation of prototype products that require airtightness and sealing performance. We make use of our system manufacturing know-how in addition to product sales. We receive orders for the total process of producing leak testing systems. We cover from concept creation to manufacturing and assembling leak testing devices according to customer needs and from the viewpoint of low costs and high efficiency. We also make use of our wealth of leak testing technology and the vacuum technology of VIV and VRC in addition to our know-how.

[Business description]
We mainly provide leak testing and vacuum devices and equipment in which gas is used as a medium.
(1) We sell, repair, and maintain products by Vacuum Instrument Corporation of the USA. This includes helium leak detectors, hydrogen leak detectors, helium gas recovery systems, gas mixers, and various gas level leak and other accessory products for leak testing.
(2) We sell, repair, and maintain our original JSA-014Mass air leak detector.
(3) We sell vacuum gate valves, vacuum gages, and vacuum pumps made by Vacuum Research Corporation of the USA.
(4) We offer consignment leak testing services.
(5) We manufacture leak testing systems.

Testing equipment imports, manufacturing, and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
We pour all the leak testing know-how we have obtained to date into developing and selling our own original air leak testing equipment. Our JSA-014Mass product is direct-reading air leak testing equipment featuring high precision and high measurement reliability. It does not use helium, so it is a low-cost product. Conventional air leak testing equipment makes use of the differential pressure method, which employs a differential pressure type sensor. A master workpiece has to be prepared for conventional equipment. Test volume change and thermal expansion influences are caused by both the test object and the master workpiece, so a large amount of scatter is expected for some test objects. Our JSA-014Mass product makes a master workpiece unnecessary due to the use of a digital-type mass flow rate meter, so scattering in the measured data is suppressed. This makes it possible to realize air leak testing equipment with higher repetitive accuracy compared with conventional equipment, and with high measuring reliability. Values converted from differential pressure values are not used, unlike differential air leak test equipment, so pre-calculation of the volume in the connecting pipe and the test object becomes unnecessary. This enables simplification of the test concept.

[Representative's message]
We provide leak testing as our main business. Market needs for product quality assurance have tended to be enhanced and increased in recent years. Leak testing that enables numerical value indication had only been applied to products that require special airtightness, but leak testing has come to be more constantly applied to various products. We have received various consultations from various customers. We will expand our business based on our leak testing services in markets where further diversification and expansion are expected in the future. We plan to extend our field of business overseas by accumulating various kinds of know-how and refining our technology.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have been outsourcing to advertising media enterprises as a method of direct market cultivation since our foundation. This method is the core of our new market development in combination with the use of our website. We are forming mutual cooperation relationships with mechanical processing companies and device manufacturers as an indirect market cultivation method. This is done by offering them our independent leak testing service as an added value. We are mutually expanding our respective markets by establishing win-win relationships with them.

[Awards and media coverage]

“Vacuum Journal” (April 2012).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Delivery results: NGK Spark Plug (direct transactions: delivery of testing equipment, systems, and many other products); Aisin Seiki (transactions through a trading company: delivery of testing equipment); Fujitsu (transactions through a trading company: delivery of testing equipment); JAL Air Tech (direct transactions: delivery of testing equipment); Tohoku University (direct transactions: delivery of vacuum components); 3M JAPAN (direct transactions: consignment testing); Toshiba Electron Tube & Devices (transactions through a trading company: delivery of many kinds of testing equipment); Honda Motor (transactions through a trading company: delivery of testing equipment); etc.

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