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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:17:03

Okada Goukin Co., Ltd.

We are capable of manufacturing products as thin as 3 mm using our unique aluminum alloy casting.

Our company provides aluminum alloy casting. Our main products are semiconductor packaging machines and commercial rice cookers, as well as aluminum double floors for IT base stations. We have many customers in Japan, such as Olympus and Seiko Epson. We have a system for integrated production from mold design to casting, heat treatment, and machining. Our company applies the know-how we have been accumulating since our establishment in 1962 to satisfy needs for high-mix low-volume production to increase our business volume. We independently established a simple mold casting process as well as V-process casting that has enabled good-looking casting surfaces as thin as 3 mm.


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[Company strength]
We do not use commercially available casting machines for simple mold casting, so we can produce compact molds at a low cost for machines of any size. Compact molds enable thin walls and complicated shapes and can satisfy needs for high-mix low-volume production to manufacture products of any lot size. They can produce more advanced mechanical properties with higher densities compared with sand mold casting products. V-process casting is suitable for high-mix low-volume production of medium-sized or large products, and enables differentiation with fine casting surfaces. This is an environmentally friendly casting method that is almost free of casting sand. We are a small backstreet workshop in the Hokuriku District, but most of our main customers are major domestic Japanese manufacturers. Our strong point is that we continuously receive high appreciation in terms of our QCDS (quality, cost, delivery, and service).

[Business description]
Our company has an integrated aluminum alloy casting system from mold design and casting to heat treatment and machining. We provide high-mix low-volume aluminum casting products by applying our unique methods of simple mold casting and V-process casting.

Nonferrous metal casting (aluminum alloy casting)

[Strength of products/technologies]
We thoroughly verify an optimal casting method in mold design by performing full simulation of casting prior to actual mold production. This is why almost no mold corrections are necessary in trial manufacturing. We manufacture mold casting products with accuracy as high as ±0.3 mm. We can manufacture products in small lots by making use of our unique casting machines and casting methods, and we provide products to many fields. V-process casting can produce very fine casting surfaces and also enables thin-wall casting (minimum 3 mm). This casting method is even applicable to fine shapes, and it is friendly to the environment because there is little waste. Our company is also equipped with a heat treatment furnace well. We also implemented a horizontal machining center (seven 500 × 500 pallets) to increase our subcontracting capacity for processing completed assemblies.

[Representative's message]
Automotive parts account for a large part of the demand for aluminum casting: as large as 93%. However, our company dares to stay out of this market and adopts a differentiation strategy targeting the remaining 7% of the overall market. Mass-production methods, including die casting, produce higher quality with aluminum casting. Products for the 7% market are mainly manufactured by sand mold casting because production lots are relatively small, but sand molds are liable to make quality unstable. Our company developed an original casting method by making use of the unique technology we have been accumulating for over 50 years. We apply this method to manufacture small-lot cast products with higher quality than automotive parts. We possess high-level aluminum casting technology combining digital and analog processing. We hope customers in industries other than the automobile industry will try our casting products.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has a sales department in the management group where staff in charge of new customers are assigned to respond to inquiries from major companies. Our factory manager and staff in the technical department are in charge of technical consulting. They directly visit customers and make proposals to solve issues. We can also publish (provide) casting simulation movies.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our aluminum double floors for IT base stations have a 70% market share (there is only one other manufacturer). We have a 10% share of the commercial rice cooker market as well as a 20% share for semiconductor packaging machines.

[Awards and media coverage]
Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture's Award, for our various cooling fans (1983).

TV Kanazawa, "Vibrant Small and Medium Companies" (June 2004).

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

[Joint research and development]
Decorative Panel (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3070146).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Panasonic Factory Solutions (aluminum casting), Olympus (aluminum casting), Seiko Epson (aluminum casting), Nippon Light Metal (aluminum casting and machining), Takebishi (aluminum casting and machining), Murata Machinery (aluminum casting and machining), Mitsubishi Kakoki (aluminum casting and machining), Fuji Electric (aluminum casting and machining), Meidensha (aluminum casting and machining), Tohatsu Marine (aluminum casting), and TMT Machinery (aluminum casting).

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Hokuriku Head Office, SMRJ

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