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Latest update: 06/07/2023 14:03:00


We extend a comprehensive range of services related to cranes in Japan and abroad.

Our company is a crane manufacturer established in 1957. We mainly manufacture factory cranes, as well as crane-related equipment for higher operability, and heavy-duty equipment such as transport carriages. We do business with Toyota Motor and many other major companies in Japan, and we do business with Japanese companies abroad. We will extend our business by providing comprehensive services from crane planning and design to manufacturing, installation, inspection, and maintenance.


[Product description] Our company designs and manufactures cranes for use at factories, with a focus on traveling cranes and bridge cranes. We also design and manufacture heavy-duty transport machines for factory use and inversion machines on request. Our factory has a work area with a full length of 100 m and we can handle long-sized canned products. The largest crane that we have ever manufactured is a 54-ton model, but we are capable of manufacturing cranes up to about 100 tons.

[Product description] Our company safely and securely inspects cranes by using the experience we have cultivated through our transactions with major customers. We conduct careful inspections using an aerial lift truck. This is why we do not miss even abnormalities that are not included in the inspection items, and we can feed this information back to the customer. We conduct the monthly and annual inspections legally prescribed for cranes, and also special inspections before performance inspections. Cranes are aging at factories that have been operating for many years. Cranes are a form of mechanical equipment, so they cannot avoid aging deterioration or durability deterioration. The product life depends on the conditions of use. However, finding abnormalities and making repairs before fault occurrence (preventive maintenance) extends the life of a crane. We diagnose deterioration by making use of our experience and know-how as a manufacturer specialized in cranes, and we can propose and conduct appropriate repairs. We create a maintenance record from crane inspection results and a history of repairs for aging control.

[Product description] Our company manages the entire lifecycle of a crane system to contribute to crane life extension and preventive maintenance. The progress of crane aging causes fatigue failure (fracture). We diagnose and repair a crane appropriately before failure. Preventive maintenance extends the life of a crane and suppresses the lifecycle cost.

[Product description] Our company has extensive experience in work at factories of major customer companies. We conduct various kinds of safe work by complying with the severe in-house rules of our customers as well as safety standards.

[Product description] We extend measures that have been found to be effective in safety efforts with customers.