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Shinchuoukougyou Co., Ltd.

We can also support aircraft parts with our versatile metal working and surface treatment technology.

Our company’s core technologies are spring processing, precision machining, grinding, fine deburring (SEP processing), HVOF thermal spraying, and alumite processing. We have accumulated know-how in our fine deburring (SEP: Super Etching Polish) processing regarding temperatures and times for micron-order processing for various metals. In our HVOF thermal spraying we can offer support with our integrated in-house system covering from thermal spraying to grinding and super finishing (Super Finish). We have developed alumite processing technology that enables film formation in a short period of time. This technology has been applied to parts in many fields such as automobiles and consumer electronics appliances.

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Sales Pitch

Burr-melting SEP treatment
About SEP treatment
It is a technology in which the product is immersed in a special liquid to chemically dissolve the metal so that fine deburring, polishing, and cleaning take place at the same time.
Offering solutions for various issues
•Burrs are left unremoved because of human error.
•Trouble from clogging, polishing residues, and leakage from the corner.
•Many workers inspect precision parts and sort out all the items using a magnifying glass.
•Problems with contamination and dust.
•Safety issue from the burrs on the sheared section of the press.
•The shape is either irregular or thin, resulting in warps and deformation.
•Concerns on deburring around the cross holes.
•Difficulty in creating the intended surface roughness on the inner surface of a pipe material or a deep hole.
Machining/polishing/thermal spraying
We have general-purpose lathes and other facilities for machining, NC compound lathe machining, NC lathe machining, and milling, which allow us to deal with a wide range of products from round to square shapes. Also, there is a mass production line for various needs, and we can handle a wide range of production from prototyping to single-lot production and mass production.
We have various types of grinding equipment, such as those for surface polishing, cylindrical polishing, inner diameter polishing, and finish polishing. We also provide grinding and mirror finishing after thermal spraying.
HVOF thermal spraying
HVOF thermal spraying has a high flame speed and particle flight speed, so it has high adhesion (800 kgf/cm2 or more) and low porosity (1-2%) and can form a dense and hard film. Also, since the flame temperature is medium (approx. 2,700°C), you can spray WC or other materials that could not be used before. HVOF thermal spraying has higher hardness and wear-resistance than hard chrome plating, which is why it is used for parts that require wear resistance, such as sliding parts and wear damaged parts. In the aircraft industry, eco-friendly, durable HVOF thermal spraying has gradually replaced conventional hard chrome plating that uses hexavalent chromium. It has three to four times higher durability than hard chrome plating, which allows for cost reduction on maintenance.
Chemical treatment of alumite (anodized aluminum)/magnesium, and anodizing
Alumite (anodized aluminum)
•Colored alumite
Available not only in various colors such as red, blue, and black, but also with different surfaces like frosted, glossy, or satin finish.

•Super lubricated alumite
A useful measure against wear on sliding parts and transport parts. It is suitable for situations where lubricating oil cannot be used, or when lubrication is insufficient.

•Super hard crackless alumite
It forms a harder and less cracked film than hard alumite (Hv 550 or higher).
Characteristics: High hardness, good surface roughness, fewer cracks
Expected effects: Improved sliding and wear-resistance. Reduced damage to the other parts that are slid against. Reduced wear powder (contamination). Improved corrosion resistance.

•Alumite wire
It is an electric wire with an anodized aluminum wire having an electrically insulated surface.
Past production projects: Round (Φ0.5 - Φ3.0) and parallelepiped (3×4) objects, more than 200 meters continuously.
SAC treatment (special antifouling coating)
A unique antifouling film that is hard to get dirty and easy to wash
•Chemical resistance: The film is less susceptible to chemicals.
•Salt resistance: Less vulnerable to seawater.
•Repellency: Repels water and oil and does not easily get dirty. Even if it did, you can clean it by simply rinsing with water.
•Resistance to the heat and cold: It resists temperatures of up to 1000°C (nonflammable) and maintains its functions between -15 to 300°C.
•Releasability: It enhances the products' releasability when used on the mold.
•Weather resistance: Withstands an accelerated weathering test  (15 years, JIS standard equivalent). The film maintains the conditions and appearance of the objects it was applied on.
Magnesium anodic oxidation/chemical conversion treatment
Application examples:
Useful as an undercoating on the chassis of cameras and PCs, or as a final coating on the internal parts of on-vehicle meter cases and grip frames.

Non-chrome conversion treatment:
•Standard film (focused on corrosion-resistance)
It showed only five percent or fewer areas of discoloration/corrosion after a salt spray test lasting 24 hours.

•Low electrical resistance film
Surface electrical resistance was 0.8Ω/cm or less.
There were no discoloration/corrosion areas after a salt spray test lasting 24 hours.

Non-chromium anodizing treatment:
•Highly corrosion-resistant, hard film
The resulting film has higher corrosion resistance than in the case of chemical treatment. 
The film is hard and not easily damaged.
The material's molten metal flow patterns are inconspicuous.

•Insulating film
Only 0.1 percent or less of the total area showed any discoloration/corrosion after a salt spray test lasting 300 hours (JIS RN, 9.0% or more).

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have a stable business in the automobile industry and an emerging business in the aircraft industry. We possess a quality assurance system to support these businesses, including ISO 9001, JIS Q 9100, and NADCAP (Coatings) certification.
We have a stable management foundation including the number-one domestic Japanese share for multiple parts in special processing fields, as well as SEP processing, which is a unique processing technology.
We can support a wide range of needs with our versatile processing technology and network. We offer integrated processing from metal material processing to surface treatment and finishing.
We have a spirit of challenge and good footwork, which enables us to provide flexible support from prototype production to mass production. We are willing to support high-mix low-volume production.

[Business description]
Metal working: Spring processing, precision machining, grinding, and pressing.
Surface finishing: We can deal with a wide range of processing such as alumite processing, fine deburring (SEP processing), HVOF thermal spraying, and super-finishing. We contribute to all kinds of industries, such as traffic, transportation, and the environment and energy, including the automobile and aircraft industries.

Metal product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have accumulated know-how in our fine deburring (SEP: Super Etching Polish) processing regarding temperatures and times for micron-order processing for various metals. We provide quick support for the issues of customers throughout Japan. These issues are submitted to us via our solutions website, and we are receiving high evaluations for this service.
We are one of the few companies in the field of HVOF thermal spraying that has the technological power and quality assurance capabilities required by the aircraft industry. We are steadily supporting demand in fields including aircraft. This is done with our integrated in-house system covering from thermal spraying to grinding and super finishing (Super Finish).
Our goal is to expand further applications, so we are now continuing our R&D activities.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been recognized as having wide business coverage, which is why customers including various major companies and universities make use of our services as an R&D handyman. Our company has been refining our skills and cultivating new business chances through such activities. Please feel free to contact us regarding whatever you need. We support needs from metal material processing to surface treatment and finishing, and from single piece prototypes to mass production, including high-mix low-volume production.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have assigned staff members in charge of new transactions in our sales department (three staff members with different specialties and one staff member with English proficiency). This has been done to provide quick support for various inquiries in the areas covered by our company, from metal material processing to surface treatment and finishing.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have gained a reasonable share in each of our business fields, including being a number-one, unique, or mid-sized company. This has been done by fully utilizing and extending our technology.

[Awards and media coverage]
Higashi Hiroshima! Excellent Monozukuri Masterwork commendation in FY2014 for a good-luck seal created by applying our alumite processing technology.
Higashi Hiroshima Excellent Monozukuri Company Award in FY2015: Receiving orders for aircraft parts by making use of HVOF thermal spraying technology.

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (November 19, 2003 and July 3, 2014); Nihon Keizai Shimbun (December 5, 2003); Chugoku Shimbun (January 15, 2011, February 23, 2012, February 22, 2013, and February 13, 2015); “Machine Technology” (October 2003 and October 2006); “Machine and Tool” (December 2005); and so on.

ISO 9001, JIS 9100, NADCAP (Coatings).

[Joint research and development]
In principle we maintain our technology at the level of know-how in order to prevent the risk of fraudulent use resulting from disclosure.

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Marketing Support Department, SMRJ
Chugoku Head Office, SMRJ