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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:34:16

Keisei Denshi Co., Ltd.

We are developing our lighting equipment business in which we fuse assembly and optics-related technology.

We are a lighting equipment manufacturer founded in 1967. We supply LED lighting equipment mainly to the automobile industry and various other fields. We have a track record of deliveries to Ichikoh Industries, UKC Electronics, and Denso. We have confidence in the technological power in our original LED warning lights and light-emitting diode drive circuits. We have acquired patents for these two technologies. We developed our business as a parts assembly manufacturer for automobiles and audio-related articles after our foundation. We have now entered the light field, such as illumination devices, according to market needs. We are developing various original products by fusing the knowledge we have accumulated so far regarding assembly technology and light.

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[Company strength]
We have been making continuous efforts to refine our assembly technology since our foundation in 1967. From around 2000 we also started to aggressively work on original products that fuse our existing technology with light, by paying proper attention to market needs. Our strength is that we flexibly support market needs and possess the technology power to tackle new product development.

[Business description]
We were established as an assembly manufacturer of parts for automobiles and audio-related equipment in 1967. From around 2000 we started to develop original products that fuse light and assembly technology. We became a lighting equipment manufacturer producing LED floodlights, warning lights, and revolving lights. We now support a wide range of LED lighting equipment in terms of development, design, manufacturing, and sales. We offer integrated development, design, and manufacturing of software, electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, mechanisms, and housings. We develop, design, and manufacture LED lighting equipment for automobiles. We also deal with electronic equipment, wiring, assembly, printed circuit board assembly, design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, parts procurement, and assembly.

LED and new lighting equipment manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company has the strength to take on the challenge of market needs and future markets with flexible ideas. We have been accumulating high technological strength since our foundation in 1967. This consists of our element technology, technical power, and the skill of each staff member. We also have strength in terms of the performance of products which have been appropriately developed according to market needs.

[Representative's message]
We sincerely solve problems one-by-one. We have been working through failures by trial and error since our foundation, and have steadily enhanced our power for solving difficult problems. The people and materials we encountered in this problem-solving process have now become our assets. We do our best every day to develop new products alongside our efforts in our regular business. We also hope to sincerely contribute to local area revitalization and technology development.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We actively participate in exhibitions held by government agencies and financial institutions, and we are working hard to cultivate new markets. At the same time our goal is to establish our second-to-none technology and products, to properly ascertain market needs, and cultivate markets. We are also aggressively working to solve market issues and future market issues in new product development we have cultivated for years by fusing our assembly technology with light. We hope to expand the field of business that can only be done by our company.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our market share has not yet been analyzed in detail, but we judge from our delivery results that we possess a share exceeding a certain level.

[Awards and media coverage]

Smart Illumination Yokohama Executive Committee Guidebook.

Japanese Patent No. 4868237.

[Joint research and development]
Our LED warning light and light-emitting diode drive circuit are patented.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ichikoh Industries, UKC Electronics, Denso industry, and so on.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ