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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:15:50

Yokohama Neplos Co., Ltd.

Chemical polishing with polishing and brightening agents for over 1,000 customer companies

We are a chemical manufacturer established in 1969. Our company manufactures and sells NEPLOS Nos. 505 and 507 that are chemical polishing and brightening agents optimal for a bright finish and fine deburring and finish of austenitic stainless steel (SUS). We also engage in NEPLOS treatment, or chemical polishing of product surfaces using these agents. We are extending our business in a wide range of fields from medicine and optics to electricity, semiconductor, and automobiles. We have over 1,000 customers on our books. We have also received many orders from both domestic and foreign universities and research organizations. We will proactively participate in exhibitions and relevant sites to further promote sales channels.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company supports chemical polishing in a wide range of fields. We can widely apply deburring, bright finishing and flattening even on difficult to reach irregular surfaces such as inside pipes and thin plates that barrel polishing or electrolytic polishing (EP) cannot treat. Our chemical polishing may be applied to SUS based on martensite and ferrite, other than austenitic stainless steel, if only for deburring. We can also handle Kovar materials. We also manufacture and sell polishing agents for various metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, brass, nickel and titanium, as well as SUS (our trial product service is gaining popularity). We also accept consignment processing orders.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells NEPLOS Nos. 505 and 507 that are chemical polishing and brightening agents optimal for a bright finish and fine deburring and finishing of austenitic stainless steel (SUS). We also specialize in chemical polishing and conduct NEPLOS treatment on consignment. We have a wide range of polishing technologies for chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, buffing and barrel polishing.

Manufacture of chemicals and chemical polishing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our NEPLOS treatment is a chemical polishing method for stainless steel surfaces. Injection needles, surgical needles, and hard disk and other electronic parts are difficult to finish by electrolytic polishing or chemical polishing. NEPLOS treatment is effective for deburring and bright finishing of fine and irregular surfaces and inside fine tubes. NEPLOS treatment makes surfaces stable and rust resistant (passivated). Processing time management in seconds or minutes enables micron-order control of polishing and product quality is always stable.

[Representative's message]
Since our establishment in 1969, our company has been progressively improving our technologies as a manufacturer of chemical polishing and brightening agents. In this field, therefore, we established the world's first business model of integrated processing within the company.  The business model covers all processes from research & development, manufacturing & sales, consignment processing, and collection and transport of waste liquids (used chemical polishing and brightening agents) as industrial waste. The consignment process is chemical polishing of deposited metal-worked products at our factory. We will extend our business globally by utilizing our unique position as an intermediator between metal working and industrial chemistry.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
To widely disseminate the technical power available only from our company and extend our sales channels, we are proactively participating in exhibitions and business matching sessions held by governmental agencies and financial institutions. While being more proactive about participation, we will further endeavor to improve our technical skills from our company and also our sales power. For overseas business expansion, we will proactively expand our sales channels not only in our current business areas but also in other areas.

[Market share/Ranking]
We seem to have a certain market share because we are now delivering our products to more than 1,000 companies in total as well as research organizations, universities and overseas companies.

[Awards and media coverage]


[Joint research and development]
Patent for NEPLOS No. 507 (Patent No. 3017369)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Over 1,000 companies in total, manufacturing medical, optical, and electric equipment, semiconductor products and automobiles and processing precision parts by plating, surface treatment, pressing, sheet metal working, and cuttingUniversities and research organizations both in Japan and abroad 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, etc.

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