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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:15:45

Lmbda Precision Co., Ltd.

We are an optical device and part manufacturer with a track record in ultra-high polishing. 

Our company manufactures prototype optical devices and parts. Our main lines of business are developing and selling semiconductor-related electronic parts. Our products have been delivered to many Japanese companies, such as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Fujitsu, Sumitomo Metal Mining, and Mitutoyo. Our strength lies in our high-precision machining. We can achieve a thickness of 3 µm with a thickness tolerance of ±0.01 µm, a transmitted wavefront profile of less than λ/20, and lower parallelism within 0.5 arc seconds. This has resulted in increased sales. We can also offer secondhand devices upon request. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company was born in April 1998, with the aim of providing high-precision processing technologies for everyone in the optical industry. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control, and delivered to purchasers in the shortest time possible, after careful measurement and inspection by our engineers. Capital investment is one of our top priorities, and we have already introduced machining tools for hybrid brittle materials to provide ultrasonic machining. We have been highly regarded since our establishment, as indicated by our recognition as an Innovative SME by Kanagawa Prefecture in 2001. Our company has been selected on other occasions since then. These include the Mizuho New Business Fund (2003), and New Business Facility Location Plan, for which we were the first to be approved by Kanagawa Prefecture (in 2008). 

[Business description]
Our company has several main lines of business. We manufacture and make prototypes of optical devices and device parts, and design and manufacture optical memory element production equipment and conduct sales, imports, and exports of related parts. We develop, design, manufacture, sell, and import and export optical fiber communications devices, satellite communications equipment, radio communications equipment, and intercommunicating equipment and machinery. We are involved in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and imports and exports of electronic parts such as semiconductors, and we handle secondhand devices. We also take on trial production and mass production of optical crystal elements for lasers and optical communications (including nonlinear crystals, polarizers, and retardation films) to satisfy various customer needs. 

Optical device and device part manufacturing and prototype making 

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our offerings include high-precision polishing, cutting, and other machining services.
Ultra-high-precision polishing: We can provide thicknesses of 3 µm and up. Our thickness tolerance is ±0.01 µm or less, the transmitted wavefront profile is λ/20 or less, and parallelism is within 0.5 arc seconds.
Crystals, 3D processing, cutting, and machining: We provide extended axis crystal processing using X-rays. Ultrasonic rotary 3D processing, micro sectioning of less than 500 × 500 µm, and ingot slicing (up to outer diameter 120) are also available. 
Optical part design and manufacturing: Our comprehensive offerings include all processes from design to manufacturing, such as stem extension, cutting, polishing, vapor deposition, and bonding. 

[Representative's message]
Our company has focused on how we can satisfy customer needs since our establishment, and how we can help the world in general. This is why we have suggested methods for stably supplying products, and trained engineers to turn ideas into reality, while creating close relationships of trust with many customers. We will continue to ask ourselves technical questions to keep evolving as a unique group of professional engineers. Our company will maintain flexible evolution by always pursuing new value and possibilities. We hope you will look forward to the new high-precision machining technologies that we are going to offer to the world. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales department is in charge of market development. We have not done anything specifically for overseas expansion, but we are willing to discuss business in emails (rather than over the phone).

[Awards and media coverage]
Innovative SME commendation by Kanagawa Prefecture (2001); Management Innovation Plan (2010).


[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Optical communications devices: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone; Fujitsu; Fujikura; Shin-Etsu Chemical; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.Solid-state laser devices: Sumitomo Metal Mining; Shimadzu, Institute for Molecular Science.Optical parts for industrial measuring instruments: Mitutoyo; JFE Mineral.

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