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Asahi Denki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of control boards and electronic devices that combines businesses of local traditional craft products and IT

We run our business with three core business domains: control boards, electronic devices and traditional craft products. We undertake the processes in general for control boards for industrial machines including designing, consolidating parts, manufacturing, wiring, parts assembly and adjustment. We provide EMS of designing, board mounting and assembly of PCB for electronic devices. For traditional craft products, we design and sell unique products such as lacquered mice for PCs in which our electronic technique and traditional craft art of Ishikawa Prefecture are combined. We are motivated to explore the overseas market and have sent engineers to China to promote automatization of machine tools.


Sales Pitch

A manufacturer you can rely on for design and manufacture in the field of electrics and electronics.
Our company undertakes control panel production on a contract basis, from design to parts assembly, manufacturing, and on-site installation.
We can handle everything from printed circuit board design for electronic equipment to parts assembly/manufacturing/construction.
We develop and produce products in the IT equipment field, by making use of traditional crafting in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Entering our 35th year since foundation, we have accumulated experience in various fields and are established as a capable developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of products including word-processors, PCs, arcade games, amusement devices, compact game consoles, car park management devices, control devices for art printers, devices to monitor landslides, devices to test driving ability and plant-in in addition to our main activity of manufacturing control boards.

[Business description]
(1) Design and manufacture control boards: We can take an order for the entire process of designing, consolidating parts, manufacturing, wiring, parts assembly and adjustment of electric control boards for industrial machines. 
(2) Design and manufacture electronic devices: We provide EMS at any step of designing, consolidating parts, board mounting and assembly of PCB for electronic devices.
(3) Traditional craft products: We design and sell products unique to Ishikawa Prefecture, famous for its traditional arts and crafts. Our electronic devices are combined with local traditional crafts to produce a variety of unique goods such as lacquered PC mice or Takamori Makie lacquerware iPhone cases.


[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) Design and manufacture control boards: With 34 years of experience in design, parts consolidation, manufacturing, wiring and adjustment for electric control board for industrial machines, and skillful engineers and operators, the finish of our products is highly valued by our customers.
(2) Design and manufacture electronic devices: We provide EMS at any step of design, consolidating parts, board mounting and assembly of PCB for electronic devices. We are flexible and excel at handling orders in batches of up to a few thousand.
(3) Traditional craft products: A series of products differentiated from other products with the concept of “fusion of traditional craft and IT” creating unique value.

[Representative's message]
We started as a company to design, manufacture and install wires for electric control of industrial machines via contracts. As we are expanding our business, the fields we can handle have grown too. We will explore new fields such as electronic devices and traditional crafts. We will seek new marketing opportunities both in Japan and overseas. Regarding the international market, catching up with our customers’ greater efforts for international business is essential and we send our employees to our customers. We have been collecting information to expand our market channel for industrial products through agents.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Yokoyama Shokai is our subsidiary with trading company function and Hitachi Group’s special agent, which has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong to help us develop new marketing channels both in Japan and overseas. We have sent engineers to China to promote automatization of machine tools. Regarding the traditional craft products, we have sold our products to customers in the UK, France, Luxemburg, Czech, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and the USA.

[Market share/Ranking]
No specific data available

[Awards and media coverage]
Selected for Premium Ishikawa Brand Award 2012 with “Ishikawa SPC (smartphone case).
Silver prize in the COOL JAPAN division and American Prize for Country division with Takamori Makie lacquerware iPhone cases at “Attractive Japanese Souvenir Competition 2013” held by Japan Tourism Agency
Selected for Award of Chairman of NISSENREN with lacquered PC mouse at 55th National Competition of Recommended Souvenir
Approved as “Promote Ishikawa Brand outside of Japan –Creation of New Japanese Tradition-" as the project to foster JAPAN brands in 2014.

Our engagement in the traditional craft was introduced in “Good Job” of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper on October 24, 2013
Our Takamori Makie lacquerware iPhone case was introduced as part of METI’s Cool JAPAN project in “Asazuba” morning show of TBS.
USB memory decorated with Kutaniyaki Porcelain was introduced by Yu Hayami on “Shin Nippon Tankentai” on Nippon Television.

ISO 9001: 2008
Rating of Japanese SME: “aa” as of the settlement in June 2014

[Joint research and development]
2011: SEM Innovation Project with Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. and Industrial Institute of Ishikawa
“Development of LED Lights Good for Image Reading”
2013: Joint research creation support project with Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of University of Tokyo
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of University of Tokyo and Industrial Institute of Ishikawa
Feasibility investigation project for new commercial technology and products
“Development of Craft Products in which Dye-sensitized Solar Cell is incorporated”

[Intellectual property]
No specific information

[Transaction form]
Indirect and direct trades, sales through agents and distributors and local production by exporting half-finished products (Knock down, etc.) 

[Transaction terms]
Billed on the 20th and pay on the 15th of each month

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
(1) Design and manufacture control boards: TAKAMAZ Machinery Co., Ltd., Komatsu Industries Corp., Aida Engineering Ltd., Shibuya Corporation, Ryobi Limited, Yushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. and TOHSHIN Corporation(2) Design and manufacture electronic devices: PFU Limited, NIDEC-READ CORPORATION, Hitachi KE Systems, Ltd., SEIREN Co., Ltd. and AI Electronics Ltd.(3) Traditional craft products: Sanrio Co., Ltd., NHK, Mori Building Co., Ltd., ITO-YA, Tokyu Hands, Inc.,Takashimaya Department Store in Singapore

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have exported our products to many countries:Electronic device inspection jigs to Singapore and Malaysia; Control boards for machine tools to China; Harness craft products to China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, USA, France, Russia, Luxemburg and Czech

[Exhibition History/Information]
We took part in “Tokyo Gift Show Autumn 2015.”

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