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Latest update: 14/01/2020 14:19:30

Kanepackage Co., Ltd.

Our company provides customers with surprise, excitement, and peace of mind through packaging technologies.

Our company has been proposing package designs and packing materials to protect the safety of customer products for over 40 years since our establishment. We have overseas office in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico. They can propose package designs, manufacturing, testing, and transportation like our Japanese offices.

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Sales Pitch

We propose buffer designs to safely transport precision equipment, medical equipment, automotive parts, and other products
Our company has been proposing package designs and packing materials to protect the safety of customer products for over 40 years since its establishment. Our long history makes our buffer design proposals possible.
We do more than pack products in boxes. We consider materials and structures to protect products from probable shocks or external pressures during transportation or storage. Our company possesses various test equipment including large vibration test equipment, drop test equipment, and high-speed cameras. You can also use just our test equipment.
We made use of our many years of experience to develop corrugated cardboard cushioning materials capable of protecting raw eggs even when dropped from a height of 200 meters. We make proposals according to the method of use, such as returnable or disposable boxes.

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
We will contribute to the global environment by our environmental business with the Air-Purifying Dream Package. We will save resources with the ultimate in buffer package designs, plant one mangrove tree per packing material set, and provide a CO2 visualizing service. We are also reviewing our entire business to reduce CO2 emissions by selecting earth-friendly materials and shortening delivery routes. These activities have been highly evaluated and we have won various awards. We have already acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Our company became the third in the domestic Japanese packaging industry to gain ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) certification.

[Business Description]
We design, test, manufacture, and sell various cushioning materials, and market various corrugated cardboard products and soft bags for OA equipment. Our business includes overseas kit product management, packaging, and total logistics. Our work is to develop cushioning materials that reduce shock and vibrations and protect packages in the product distribution environment. Buffer designs are becoming more important as the linchpin of packing materials with the advance of recent industrial innovations. Design specifications are becoming even more severe. Our company is establishing a unique network with affiliated companies to keep up with these ever-accelerating advances. We support customers by developing cushioning materials and also with a total logistics system from packaging to delivery.

Design, manufacturing, and sales of various cushioning materials

[Product and Technical Strengths]
We receive a growing number of requests for corrugated cardboard cushioning materials due to the recent growing awareness of environmental issues. We are devoted to technical development to satisfy these requests. We collaborated with a university to develop corrugated cardboard cushioning materials by applying structural analysis technology to make proposals more quickly. We confirmed that our corrugated cardboard cushioning materials protected raw eggs even when dropped from a height of 200 meters, which attests to our present technical capabilities. We hope you will order our cushioning materials, which are capable of delivering your valuable products safely to users.

[Representative's Message]
Our company’s motto is to provide surprise, excitement, and peace of mind to all stakeholders. We are working toward the evolution of wrapping technology, and also to wrap the valuable sincerity of customers as well as wrapping things. This is how we are trying to provide our air-purifying dream package to as many customers and countries as possible. We will do business to provide our dream package that is friendly to the environment and also improves and enhances the environment.

[In-house System for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company has its head office in Saitama and other offices in Tokyo, Fukushima, and Aomori. We have a global network linking our offices in the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico. We have design and development facilities even outside Japan to quickly satisfy customer needs. We started planting mangrove trees in environmental protection areas in collaboration with the Philippine Ministry of the Environment in the year before last as a CSR activity. We will improve awareness of our activities through environmental conservation.

[Main Customers in Japan]
Olympus Corporation, Hitachi Limited, Nikon Corporation, Nohmi Bosai Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, and so on

[Main Customer outside Japan]
Major Japanese companies in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico

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