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Anlet Co., Ltd.

Our company specializes in Roots blowers and pumps. Our products are sold both in Japan and overseas.

Our company is a pump manufacturer established in 1944. Our line of business includes Roots blowers, Roots pumps, and dry vacuum pumps. Many of our customers are major Japanese manufacturers, including IHI, Oji Paper, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, and Suzuki Motor. We have local subsidiaries of Japanese automobile manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers as our customers for overseas transactions. Roots blowers were conventionally the two-blade type, but we developed three-blade products earlier than the competition. This model has been adopted in various fields, and has been recognized as a low-noise, low-vibration, high-efficiency product. Our company received the Award of Excellence at the Aichi Environment Award in 2012 for heightened environmental awareness.

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[Company strength]
We have obtained ISO 14001 certification, and try to reduce industrial waste, as well as the energy and resources expended at our plants. We focus on our own core technology in product development, and actively develop environmentally conforming products and energy-saving products to protect the Earth’s environment. (“Protect the Earth” is our company slogan.) Our company also has a long history and tradition. We commemorated our 70th anniversary in November 2014. 

[Business description]
Our company’s line of business shifted from water to air, and then to vacuums. We are a leading manufacturer of Roots pumps, Roots blowers, and dry vacuum pumps, and we also develop environmental improvement devices and energy-saving products. Our two-blade Roots pumps with polyurethane rubber rotors and carbide mechanical seals are used in sewage treatment plants for transporting returned sludge and industrial wastewater. Our three-blade Roots blowers and vacuum pumps are low-noise, low-vibration, high-efficiency products. They have been adopted in the water treatment industry, and also in various other fields for air transport, discharging (as a vacuum source), and vacuuming. 

Roots blower and vacuum pump manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our core technology is for three-blade Roots rotors. Mainstream Roots blowers used to employ two-blade rotors. These blowers were used as superchargers for engines, although they were quite noisy. Our company made use of our original rotor manufacturing machines to successfully develop a high-precision three-blade rotor, and we became the pioneer of three-blade Roots blowers. Our blowers have been adopted in a wide range of fields because of they have a three-blade Roots rotor, an integral structure with the shaft, and a special casing structure. They are widely recognized as low-noise, low-vibration, high-efficiency products with a long service life. We extended the use of our technology to develop a multi-stage vacuum pump, which has become indispensable equipment for some industries where dry high-vacuum applications are required. 

[Representative's message]
Following its establishment our company developed Roots pumps for water, Roots blowers for air, and then Roots-type vacuum pumps, which we achieved while accumulating original technological know-how. We think our mission is to take action to save energy and protect the Earth’s environment, and to conduct new kinds of manufacturing practice that conform to the social environment. We take pride in our 70-year tradition, and hope to contribute to the industrial sector even more. This will be done by making use of the technologies we have accumulated to develop the exact products that society needs. We will continue to work hard to meet increasingly advanced and diverse needs, based on our customer-first policy. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are attempting to improve our products in our current project of new product development meetings, in order to better satisfy customer needs. Our goal is to acquire customers and enhance product competitiveness, while centralizing and reviewing seeds for new products and applications, as well as market development. These efforts are communicated to all our sales representatives, and thoroughly shared in the company. We already have an overseas sales department that works closely with the domestic Japanese sales department. This is done to capture both overseas and domestic Japanese demand. Overseas demand is related to the local infrastructure, and domestic Japanese demand is mostly from Japanese companies in the industrial machinery field.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our Roots blowers have a share of approximately 60% of the water treatment market.

[Awards and media coverage]
Aichi Environment Award competition, Award of Excellence (2012); Good Company Grand Prix, Award of Excellence (2012); letter of appreciation for years of contribution to blood donation (2014).

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, about our long-selling product (Roots blower) (June 2013).

ISO 14001 (November 2000); Aichi Brand Company (2009).

[Joint research and development]
Number of effective intellectual assets: 35 granted patents, 10 utility models, and 28 registered designs.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Indirect orders: IHI; Oji Paper; Kawasaki Heavy Industries; Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal; Suzuki Motor; Sumitomo Chemical; Sekisui Chemical; Daio Paper; Toshiba; Takeda Chemical Industries; Toray; Toyota Motor; Toyota Industries; Toyota Boshoku; Denso; Aisin Seiki; Aisin AW; JTEKT; Fuji Heavy Industries; Yamaha Motor; Nissan Motor; Nisshin Flour Milling; Nisshin Food Products; NGK Insulators; and many other deliveries of Roots blowers and vacuum pumps. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our Roots blowers and vacuum pumps are delivered to local subsidiaries of Japanese automobile and auto parts manufacturers.

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