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Latest update: 15/03/2019 17:04:38

Mitsuboshi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

We are a machine manufacturer accelerating overseas expansion with unique products

We are a machine manufacturer established in 1948. Our company mainly designs and manufactures machine tools and industrial machines, including machine parts. Our machine and systems division, spindle division, and parts division are expanding business together. We have built up know-how about designing and manufacturing machines and machine parts, and we have confidence in our technical capabilities. We developed the High-Rotor Series of propeller-less centrifugal mixers that use centrifugal force produced by turning containers. We have promoted overseas sales through a trading company and are now receiving inquiries. We have a track record of many transactions with major companies such as FANUC, Citizen Machinery Miyano, and Okuma.


Sales Pitch

High-Rotor Series rotation and revolution-type agitation and defoaming machines
Liquid and powder materials are put in containers and loaded on the device. The mechanism of high-speed rotation and revolution can perform agitation, dispersion, and defoaming of materials in a short time. These products contribute to customers who want to conduct dispersion and defoaming in the process of mixing raw materials.
The 2:1 rotation to revolution ratio imparts strong shearing force to materials. This force enables agitation and uniform dispersion of low-viscosity materials and also those with comparatively high viscosity at the same time as defoaming.
We use the outer ring method to load up to four containers, in contrast to the products of other manufacturers. We are proceeding with development for mass production equipment. The largest model now can accommodate four 20-liter containers. This is the largest of its kind in Japan (by our own survey).

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company has been working step by step to improve quality and technology and manufacture reliable products since its establishment in 1946. We provide products and parts with high precision and quality by combining the latest processing machines and excellent craftsmanship. One of our achievements is that our parts division acquired JIS Q 9100:2009 (quality management system in the aeronautics, space, and defense field) certification in 2012. This was in succession to acquiring ISO 9001 in 2002. This certification is valid for manufacturing and assembling machined parts for equipment in the aeronautics, space, and defense field.

[Business Description]
Our company designs and manufactures industrial machines and machine tools, including parts. Our machine and systems division designs and manufactures industrial machines and dedicated machines. Our spindle division designs and manufactures spindle units and manufactures parts for machine tools. Our parts division manufactures parts for machine tools and industrial machine parts. The three divisions satisfy customer needs together. The machine and systems division developed the High-Rotor Series of propeller-less centrifugal vacuum mixers. They also manufacture lightweight and high-strength CFRP and GFRP pipes by FW forming.

Machine design and manufacturing (machine tools and industrial machines, including parts)

[Product and Technical Strengths]
Our High-Rotor Series provides propeller-less centrifugal mixers that mix materials by using centrifugal force produced by container rotation and revolution. These mixers can perform stirring and defoaming at the same time by vacuum agitation. Our mixers have processing performance suitable for mass production because four containers can be loaded on a mixer at a time, in contrast to products from other companies. Powerful agitation by revolution and rotation (1:2) can disperse materials in a short time. They are optimal for electronic, pharmaceutical, ceramic, resin, and other difficult-to-mix materials. We also form CFRP and GFRP pipes by FW forming. We realize lightweight and high-strength machine parts in combination with metal parts.

[Representative's Message]
We mainly design and manufacture dedicated machines and process parts for customers as a subcontractor. I have recently begun to feel that the company cannot survive or grow in its conventional business because of customer globalization and the manufacturing industry shifting overseas. We created a development section and launched a project team several years ago. We have been developing machines under our own brand and new businesses such as composite materials and the aircraft industry. We were able to start marketing last year and are now actively promoting market cultivation by increasing our sales staff this year. We are considering overseas expansion with our track record of sales in Japan.

[In-house System for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company introduces new products and technologies at an exhibition three times a year to acquire new customers. We are also receiving an increasing number of Internet inquiries through our website and IPROS. We concluded a tie-up with a trading company and participated in an exhibition in Korea. Our company has a Korean agency equipped with demonstration machines to support sample tests.

[Market Share and Rank]
Market share of the High-Rotor Series: 5% in Japan (by our own survey in 2015)
Market share of FRP safety blocks: 80% in Japan (by our own survey in 2015)

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